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Add these Jessi Songs on your Playlist

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Jessi is finally having her solo concert in Manila!

Our favorite Korean-American rapper and singer has arrived in Manila last September 28 for her solo concert. ZOOM in Manila is happening on September 30 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Get to know more about Jessi by listening to these songs and adding these to your playlist!


“Ma mama said one day you gon’ be a star

This song is full of emotions. Through this song, you will know Jessi’s story. During Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, she mentioned that whenever she tries to sing this song, she feels like crying. 


“No matter how dangerous, I’ll keep walking

Unpretty Dreams – a song about turning her dreams into reality. She faced a lot of struggles in order to achieve her dream. But she continued walking towards it because of her love for music. Through this song, she wanted to tell the listeners that it will all be worth it once you’re living your dreams.


Cause I’m self made
Ain‘t no body ever made me

Need confidence in this world? This song is definitely a must-listen to. It will make your confidence boost and make you feel expensive like Gucci. There are times that all we need is a little ~attitude~.

ZOOM in Manila

Are you excited to hear Jessi live? She is having her first ever solo concert in Manila this September 30, 7PM. Brought to you by Neuwave Events & Production. You can still buy your tickets through SM Tickets.

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