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Philippine Kpop Convention 11 Concessionaire Booth


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Event Details

  • SMX Convention Center Hall 4
  • December 30, 2022 10AM-8PM

Booth Details

  • 2×2 meters enclosed booth
  • All booths are corner booths
  • 1 info table
  • 2 chairs


  • Kindly set the name of the store on COMPANY NAME section
  • Kindly note the types of merchandise to sell (some items are subject for approval) on the notes section
  • Make sure your email address can be reached for more info regarding the event
  • Only masking tapes are allowed to be used on the booth walls
  • All damages incurred on the booth (if there are any) needs to be paid before egress
  • KPOPCON will not permit the sale or display of obscene or vulgar material and reserves the right to remove from the grounds any product, exhibit, sign or advertising which is not in harmony with the overall goals and objectives of the event.
  • No loud speaker, amplifier or sound device shall be used in the booth without prior approval of the staff. Excessive noise from any source, including televisions, stereos, organs, saws, microphones, motors, etc., will not be allowed. No live music is allowed in any booth.
  • Dust, smoke or smells from the burning of scented candles, incense products, product demonstrations, etc. is prohibited.
  • All items must be confined to the area inside the leased booth space. No person, equipment, boxes, booth contents, etc., may block aisles or corridors.
  • Under no circumstances shall a concessionaire change the contents of their booth space without written permission from KPOPCON once approved. If it is found that a concessionaire has changed space contents as indicated on the booth application, the original intent of the booth must be restored or they will be removed.


  • Reservation is only valid for 24 hours. Reservation will be cancelled after and will be available for others to reserve again.
  • After payment is sent, kindly email the deposit slip to kpopcon.booths@gmail.comĀ with the title [PAYMENT] KPOPCON BOOTH #ORDERNUMBER



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