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K-POP Masterz 2 in Manila Concert Recap

by Ruth Leen

Three artists, three fandoms, one amazing event

Last September 23, the Araneta Coliseum was filled with loud screams as Youngjae, ATEEZ, and iKON rocked the stage of the Araneta Coliseum for the K-Pop Masterz 2 in Manila.

There were a lot of explosive performances and fun games that happened that night. Truly, the three hour event is really worth watching.


The first performer of the night was GOT7’s Youngjae. He first performed his solo debut song “Vibin,” which was then followed by “Sugar.” He also performed “Tasty” and “Focus”.

Even though this event is a mixture of three fandoms, everybody united to sing a Happy Birthday song for Youngjae. He celebrated his birthday last September 17.

Aside from these performances, the fans got to know Youngjae more through a segment called, TMI Time. Some facts about him was he has a diary that he keeps at home. He also has a lot of white shirts in his closet. And his Top 3 GOT7 songs are“Girls Girls Girls”, “NANANA”, and “Never Ever”.

To end his stage, he performed “Crema” while throwing out signed balls. This event totally hits Youngjae that he mentioned that he wants to come back again soon!


This marks the first ever visit of ATEEZ in the Philippines. And since this is their first time, they made sure that they will not be forgotten by the crowd.

They opened their stage with a powerful performance of “Guerilla”. Aside from that, they also prepared “Pirate King” and “Say My Name.” But they did not only prepare these performances, they also made sure to say some Filipino phrases such as “Magandang Gabi!” and “Salamat”.

In order to make their PH Atinys happy, ATEEZ played some games like Sepak Takraw, archery, and relay. They will be able to give their signed balls if they win those games. Fortunately, ATEEZ is not only energetic in performances but also in games like these. They completed the missions without any hesitations.

To end their stage, they performed “Wave” and “The Real”.


iKON is back in Manila!

The whole Araneta Coliseum definitely turned red when iKON stood up on stage. They performed “Sinosijak,” first which was then followed by “Rhythm Ta”. The members were so delighted to see their PH iKONICs. It’s been years since they last held their solo concert here in the Philippines.

After that, they performed “Bling Bling” and then continued their stage with games. Proving that they have been in the industry for a long time, they really made sure to make the crowd laugh with their answers.

iKON’s concert? More of iKONICs’ concert. When they started performing the crowd’s favorite, “Love Scenario” they asked the fans to sing and even rap! Give the iKONICs the microphone and they can sing it all. Bobby was so touched with the burning love the fans are showing them. During this time, they also throwed their signed balls.

They then performed “Freedom” as their final song. But of course, the fans needed an encore. iKON went back on stage and performed “But You”.

This is home. K-Pop is home.

Even if we stan different groups, we can be united because of our love for their music. Three different fandoms all cheered for the groups that performed. This is what we can really call home.

Thank you so much PULP Live World for bringing this event.

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