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Press pause for JAYB’s return to Manila

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Ahgases excitedly waved their green lightsticks as GOT7’s leader and lead vocal, JAYB, started the month of October and his world tour titled “JAYB TAPE: PRESS PAUSE” at the New Frontier Theater last October 1, 2022.

Opening the show was his first single after leaving JYP Entertainment, “Switch It Up”, followed by “Ride” where his fancam became viral, and “AM PM” from his album SOMO:FUME.

During his ment, he mentioned that he went alone today but it would be more fun to come with the members next time.

Following his ment was his stages for “Into You”, “Dive Into You”, “Count on Me”, “Sunrise”, and “BTW” to which he went down and around the venue to interact and have fun with the fans.

Asking Ahgases to teach him Filipino words and food

Attempting to get to know the Filipino Ahgases better, JAYB asked the fans to teach him some words and phrases that he can use to which the fans happily indulged him in. Some of the words that he was able to learn were “Ang galing niyo (You guys are amazing)”, “Ang pogi ko (I’m handsome)”, “Shot Puno (Cheers)”, and “Pasensya (I’m sorry)”.

Aside from these, he had also learned beforehand the words “Ang ganda niyo (You are all pretty)”, “Salamat (Thank you)”, and “Mahal ko kayo (I love you, guys)”.

Being known as the food enthusiast of the group, JAYB also made sure to ask some food recommendations as well where the fans suggested Sinigang and Bangus.

JAYB x James Reid Surprise Stage

An unexpected collaboration stage was prepared by JAYB and James Reid as they performed James’ song, “Hello 2.0”, where JAYB was featured together with Taiwanese-American rapper, ØZI. They also shared that it was their first time meeting physically during the rehearsal.

When James was asked by JAYB about what he thought of him, James replied with, “Ang gwapo niya, ano?” (He’s handsome, right?) to which the crowd cheered.

James also performed his latest single “You and I” before exiting the stage.

Before their shared stage, JAYB performed “Hush”, JJ Project’s “Fade Away”, and “Rainy”.

JAYB performs his latest EP

JAYB then returned to the stage with “go UP” from his recently released EP titled, “Be Yourself” which was then followed by “The Way We Are”, “Livin’”, “Fountain of Youth”, “Break It Down”, and “Holyday”. He showcased his vocals and hip-hop dance moves during this set of songs while still managing to go down the stage and interact with his fans.

Ahgases gift to GOT7’s best leader

Right after his last song, the video fan project of Ahgase Philippines was played which consisted of thank you messages for JAYB. The leader was caught in shock as he was not expecting the video to be played.

“I’m actually very happy that Manila is the first stop of my tour,” he said after watching the video and hearing the cheers of Ahgases.

He then performed his single “Rocking Chair” while sitting on the floor of the stage, seemingly chilling with his fans or as he would like to call, his best friends.

GOT7 medley

As the leader, he knew that the concert will not be complete without singing and dancing to a few GOT7 songs. The crowd went wild as he performed a GOT7 medley with the songs “Page”, “Teenager”, “Breath”, “Thursday”, and their latest title track, “NANANA”. He also capped off his concert by singing and running on the stage together with his dancers to GOT7’s “Go Higher”.

Ending the concert was JAYB singing his unreleased song “Right” and Sunset With You from his album “Love.” under his composer name Def.

JAYB TAPE: PRESS PAUSE is the fourth event of a GOT7 member this year handled by PULP Live World with JAYB being the fifth member to visit and hold a concert in the Philippines. This surely is one for the books of Ahgases as GOT7 continues their tingi version performances.

Contributor: Cyrille Estapia

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