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[FEATURE] Jump-start Your Korean Language Training with “Awe-ssaem” TikTokers

by Andhie

TikTok is a growing community for different creators, or widely known as TikTokers. It’s another outlet for the creative minds and an entertainment source for the spectators – or you can simply be both.

Interesting contents pop-up on your page and in less than a minute per video you learn something new! It’s just so random like walking in a dollar-store finding things you thought you never needed but actually do.

The variety of the contents will keep you occupied until you lost track of time. Some hop on what’s on the TikTok trend, do collaborations in forms of ‘duets’, or impart their knowledge with eye-catching videos on something they are good with.  

We’ve shared before about how TikTok can support your Korean language learning experience from watching different creators teaching Korean. It’s something to admire as these creators are from different parts of the word sharing a common thing: to help interested people understand and talk in Korean.

On average the following creators spend hours of their time in order to upload quality videos! Let’s get to know more about them:

Awe-Ssaem Jo

Josephine, or Jo, is from LA, California. She likes the K-pop artists BTS, SHINEE, and Jay Park.

Jo joined TikTok in early May because of the quarantine. What started as a boredom buster has now become a constant thing because it has always been her passion to teach and used TikTok as an outlet.

As a foreigner, she knew how difficult it was to find another foreigner she could relate to while learning the Korean language. Learning is something special when shared with others who can relate with what she has gone through and that’s why she decided to start her page to teach Korean for free.

Now that she’s reaching more people, she’s also getting message from families that uses her videos to study Korean together. It’s an amazing effect especially that the whole family is interested to learn! For Jo, that’s one of most meaningful and coolest message she received so far.

Follow Jo on her social media accounts:

TikTok/Instagram: @koreanwithjo 

Youtube: koreanwithjo

www.koreanwithjo.com – Free monthly TikTok Study guides,  special learning materials, and information about private tutoring. 

Jo’s Message to her followers: I think it’s amazing that you’re learning a new language. Whatever the reason, you are pushing yourself and trying something new. That’s AWESOME. Continue to follow your dreams, study hard, and believe that ALL THINGS are possible, (because they are.) You can do ANYTHING! And I’ll always be right here rooting for you! 감사합니다~~

Do-It Duet with Hamin

Chris Lee, or 이하민 (Lee Ha Min) in Korean, goes by his TikTok username  @korean_hamin to make his content clear that he is posting Korean contents. He was born in Korea but moved to Canada in 2010 and is currently studying Digital Enterprise Management (Business) at the University of Toronto.

He started his TikTok account in March 2020. Hamin has always been busy with his studies and tutoring but because of the pandemic and finishing his 3rd year of university, he had a lot of time in his hands. He put into practice his social media studies to grow his audience and just glad to be helping lots of people now. From uploading random videos, Hamin found his niche when he posted a video teaching in Korean and gained 20K followers in just 3-4 days! He noticed that there are lot of people who are interested in the Korean culture and believes that being a content creator should provide both entertainment and value to the viewers. He then made videos on how to learn to speak in Korean in an easy and simple way. He had built connections from every corner of the world and would continue to focus on teaching Korean for free via his social media accounts.

Surprisingly, Hamin’s second largest TikTok following is the Philippines. He has been very fond of the Filipinos since he made a lot of friends when he studied English in Manila for a month during his elementary days. He would love to visit the Philippines and who knows, he might just meet some of his online students!

Duet with Hamin on these accounts:

TikTok: @korean_hamin

Instagram: @Korean.Hamin  / @Korean_Hamin  (Study contents)

Youtube: Korean Hamin 하민친구  [Check out his video “Fastest way to learn Korean”]

Hamin’s message to his followers: I respect all of you who are learning Korean. I believe that being able to speak another language is one of the high qualities that someone can have which brings people together strongly. I will continue to post informative and entertaining Korean lessons on my Tiktok and Youtube. Feel free to provide any feedback or content ideas under the comments! I’m glad to help everyone around the world. I love you guys all 🙂 

Additional Tip:

If you have a chance, trying to find a native Korean speaker friend to practice with would be nice too! You can use an application like “HelloTalk” where you find your language exchange student partners. Also joining a group of people learning Korean would be nice too. For example, I have a discord channel for learning Korean and we all share tips and tricks to learn Korean. Ask questions to each other and motivate each other to learn!  But the most important tip is to never give up and be patient! Learning a new language is difficult but if you learn little by little every day, you will get there eventually! Also, don’t be shy when you speak Korean. There is no way we will speak Korean perfectly on our first few tries. It is normal for us to make mistakes and that’s why we are learning. Practice makes perfect. You are doing an amazing job so remind yourself that! 

K-Study Buddy Mikee

Mikee Misalucha is a singer-songwriter based in the Philippines. She follows a lot of K-pop artists like BTS, Stray Kids, BlackPink, Suran, Zion T., DPR Live, Hyolyn, and IU.

She first started TikTok on November 2019 for fun as she used to create videos in dubsmash. Mikee missed doing short videos and used TikTok as a past time but when quarantine happened it started to become a part of her routine. She only used to post random contents like make-up transformations, song covers, or making duets until some of her followers commented that she should start teaching Korean.

Although she’s also in the learning phase, she is dedicated to learn with others and explains what she knows while speaking in Tagalog. It gives a more approachable vibe for the local audience.

Mikee treats her contents like a study group session where she’s able to interact and review with her followers.  Her TikTok study space has room in committing mistakes and learning from it. What’s best was that the people learning with her provide constructive criticisms which encourage her, and them, to be better. The comment section of her videos is where most of the ‘study group sessions’ happen! She also receives messages and updates in the learning progress of her students/study buddies!

Follow your K-study buddy Mikee on her socials:

TikTok: @mikee.misalucha

Facebook: @mikeemisaluchamusic

Instagram & Twitter: @mikeemisalucha

Youtube & Spotify: Mikee Misalucha

Mikee’s message to her followers: To all my followers, my MiKweens and MiKings, thank you guys so much for all the love and support you’ve given me! Not only in my Korean content but also in my music and in everything I do. I appreciate all of you and I hope to see you guys in my next videos! 사랑하고 감사합니다~(saranghagu gamsahamnida)! 

K-Edu Idol Soo

Suhyun Kim, or Soo, is from Suwon, Korea. She used to live in Japan, France, and Indonesia which make her more of a multicultural Korean. She’s also into K-pop especially BTS, BlackPink, KARD, ITZY, and Twice.

Soo only started TikTok early this year when she got inspired from the book she’s reading called “Crushing It”. She’s a Korean Language Practitioner at Gyeonggi University and took it as a requirement for her Teaching License. Eventually she realized that she has a knack for teaching and started making Korean lessons on TikTok.

Soo learned that many people couldn’t afford Korean classes and that most of the institutions made books that really lack explanations. She wrote a Korean textbook called “Korean For All” and started to give free lectures based on the book. As a trained-licensed Korean teacher she based her lectures on a real language strategy. Many have told her that she can make more money by selling her lectures but her vision to help as many people as she can actually creates good ripple effects. She once received a message from a Filipina mother who was going through hard times and healed herself with the help of K-drama and K-pop. She promised herself that she will visit Korea as a part of her starting a new life – and with that she will learn how to speak in Korean. She prayed for affordable lessons and luckily found Soo!

Vibe with K-Edu Idol Soo:

TikTok: @soo_korean

Instagram:      @soo.korean – Korean studies

                        @soo_bunny – Personal account about her daily life and dances

                        @krazy_siblings – Dance contents with her brother

Youtube: Soo Korea – more serious and structured lectures based on efficient curriculum

Website: www.sooandcarrots.com (Free Korean Alphabet practice file;  “Korean For All” book order)     

Jo, Soo, Mikee, and Hamin are just a few of the content creators who are passionate in what they do and are willing to help those who are interested to learn with them. At the end of the day, what matters most is your own drive to learn new things. Help will always be out there and luckily there are a lot of platforms available in the internet. Do your research, check out trusted recommendations, review and allot time to learn!

Let us know if you’re following this amazing people and who are your other recommendations! Tage us on our TikTok accounts as well: @kpopconph

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