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Fiat Lux: LUCAS Illuminates on his First Manila Fancon Tour

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Last weekend, Manila was set ablaze with excitement as Lucas graced the city with his first-ever Fancon Tour, Fiat Lux: , at the New Frontier Theater. Organized by L-Squared Productions PH, this event marked a significant milestone not only for Lucas but also for his fans who had eagerly anticipated his arrival.

PH Lumis weren’t the only ones present in the crowd as there were fans that travelled from different countries like Alaska, Japan, and Hongkong; Another fan shared that she even flew 45 hours from Mexico to Manila just to see Lucas.

The wait was all worth it when Lucas kicked off the event with an electrifying performance of ‘Dip It Low’ before sitting down with the show’s emcee, Sam Oh, for a catch-up and chat.

Lucas then greeted the crowd in Tagalog, saying ‘Mabuhay! Ako si Lucas,‘ which earned a loud cheer from the audience.

When asked about how he felt being in Manila, he shares that he’s very excited to meet the fans and try out Filipino foods especially Philippine Mango.

Lucas then shared the significance of his fancon title, Fiat Lux: , which means ‘there is light’ in Latin—also paralleling the meaning of his real name, Wong Yukhei. Preparations for his fancon was also shared on screen including changes to his hairstyle and a behind-the-scenes photo from rehearsals.

In the show’s first game segment, ‘Lux On,’ Lucas delighted fans by participating in traditional Filipino games such as Pinoy Jackstone, Bamboo Pipe Bowling, and Palayok. Despite failing on his first two attempts, three enthusiastic fans from the crowd did a dance challenge for him, allowing him more chances to succeed.

After his victory, Lucas was presented with mystery boxes containing various Filipino items, including durian and a mask from Bacolod’s Masskara Festival.

This inspired him to express his interest in trying traditional Filipino clothes and learning OPM songs for his next visit to the country.

A cover of “True Love” by XXXTentacion feat. Kanye West and “Every day, Every Moment” by Paul Kim was performed by Lucas, dedicating it to his fans who have showered him with a lot of support since the beginning.

The second segment kicked off with ‘Show Me Your-Lux’, an interactive telepathy game featuring Lucas and fans, wherein they will choose between red and blue options that are flashed on the screen.

In the first scenario, Lucas and Lumis were presented with the choice between “Sports CF vs. Jewelry CF”. To assist fans in deciding, Lucas energetically showcased both options. The majority of fans favored the Sports ad, a choice which Lucas also agreed to. He even expressed his interest in doing a CF for a Mango or Hotpot, citing his strong love for food.

In the second question, fans were asked what they wanted to hear from Lucas in Tagalog: “I love you” or “I miss you”? Lucas demonstrated both options, but both he and the fans selected “Mahal Kita” (I love you), represented by the color red.

During the third and final question, Lucas was queried about another career field he might wish to explore. He then expressed a desire to become a chef due to his passion for cooking. Afterwards, Lucas demonstrated between the options of being a model and an athlete; he personally chose being a model, but the majority of fans preferred the option of being an athlete.

Aespa’s, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Spot’ by Zico feat. Jennie was danced by Lucas as a challenge for the final question. Although fans loved both of the performances, Lucas opted for the red option which is opposite from the fans who chose blue.

As a game penalty, Lucas got challenged to do a three-piece set of “hearts”, which delighted his fans immensely.

Lucas, in his heartfelt address at the Manila fancon, not only expressed gratitude for the fans who traveled from far and wide, but also promised to return in Manila soon with more special performances, stating, “(Although) The songs that I prepared is only three and I prepared a lot special stages for you guys, I think that’s not enough, I’ll make sure that I’ll come back here very soon.”

Despite the challenges of language barriers, he also humbly acknowledged it, “Whenever I talk during the talk show (segments), since I’m a foreigner I had a hard time speaking so I hope you could understand about that.”

The Renegade singer also reflected on his journey, remarking, “Lucas was a baby before but now he’s not a baby anymore,” underscoring his growth and readiness for a new beginning. Throughout his address, Lucas’ sincerity shone through as he repeatedly thanked his fans, saying, “Thank you, I’m so grateful to you guys, I love you!” ensuring he felt Lumis’ unwavering support.

Lucas then ignited the stage once more with an encore performance of “Crushing On You”, “Bass Go Boom”, and “Renegade”

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LUCAS FANCON TOUR IN MANILA: FIAT LUX: is proudly presented by L-Squared Productions PH

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