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Lucas’ FIAT LUX Fancon Tour is heading to Manila!

by Philippine KPOP Convention

For the first time ever, Hong Kong singer-rapper Lucas finally sets foot on the Manila stage for his Asia Fancon Tour Fiat Lux, happening this Saturday, June 15, 2024, at the New Frontier Theater.

Amidst Lucas’ solo debut in April of this year, SM Entertainment announced his first fancon tour, Fiat Lux, set to unfold in several cities across Asia. “Fiat Lux,” translating to “Let there be light,” draws inspiration from Lucas’ journey and artistic vision for his first album single, Renegade”. The fancon tour commenced in Jakarta and is now set to arrive in Manila as its third stop.

Ahead of this, Lucas’ preparation for his first Manila fancon is evident in a new video he recently released, where he delved deep into Filipino culture, explored local cuisine, and even tried his hand at learning the Filipino language.

In a video message, the Renegade singer promised Filipino fans a night filled with fun and exciting performances as a way to show his appreciation for their endless support.

Watch Lucas elevate the Manila stage this Saturday!

Tickets are still available online at ticketnet.com and at all Ticketnet outlets.

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