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A Dream “Come True” for PH Joyfuls

by Philippine KPOP Convention

JBJ Come True in Manila Press Conference held at Novotel.

PH Joyfuls’ dreams finally came to a reality after seeing JBJ rocked the stage of Kia Theatre last January 14, 2018 at around 7pm.

JBJ, short for Just Be Joyful, is made up of six members Kim Yongguk, Kim Sanggyun, Noh Taehyun, Takada Kenta, Kim Donghan, and Kwon Hyunbin. The members were all eliminated contestants from the show Produce 101 Season 2. JBJ started as a fan-imagined group and went straight to being an idol group who currently promotes and tours in Asia. Philippines happened to be their last stop.

Even before the start of the fan meeting, PH Joyfuls loudly cheered for JBJ. When JBJ stood up on stage to start with their first performance, everyone went wilder and screamed louder. After having few performances, JBJ had the talk segment. During their talk segment, Kenta mentioned that he wanted the Philippines’ Halo-Halo. Meanwhile, Hyunbin said that he once went here in the Philippines when he was a child.

JBJ also had their dance battles and the fans were asked to clap for the best dancer per song. Kenta and Donghan cheerfully danced to almost every song. The most memorable was their Gashina version.

An AVP was presented wherein PH Joyfuls were asked who is JBJ for them and they said, JBJ is their dream come true. The cake was also brought to stage and JBJ were excited to blow the candles.

They ended the fan meeting with special performances from their first mini album. The perks like hi-touch, photo op, signed posters, and polaroid came after the event was finished.
The whole fan meeting was splendid. It was truly a dream come true not only for JBJ but most especially for PH Joyfuls. We all hope that this fan meeting won’t be the first and last, but first and more to come. Don’t forget to check on JBJ for their upcoming comeback.


Again, thank you HM Entertainment and All Access Productions.

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