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Yesung kicks off 2024 with an intimate concert with everlasting friends

by Philippine KPOP Convention

SUPER JUNIOR’S YESUNG first solo concert “Unfading Sense in Manila” successfully started 2024 with a wonderful memory for PH ELF and Clouds (Super Junior’s Yesung Fans)  to cherish for a lifetime! The one night event happened last January 6 at New Frontier Theater. It has been six years in the making since his very first show and it was worth the wait indeed as Yesung embarked on his First Solo Tour. It is definitely an experience to witness Yesung as a solo artist who captivates his audience with his art-like voice as he is a soulful and a beautiful story teller. 

The concert started with a beautiful Super Junior tradition, “Song For You” was played at the theater before the start of the show – a very special connection between Super Junior and ELF for the past 18 years, the said song is an opener of any Super Junior event may it be a group schedule or a unit or a solo one. The crowd sung along the lyrics of the said song by heart, it shows the longevity and shared memories with Super Junior and their beloved ELF. As the song finished, the lights went off and Yesung started off with a magnificent performance of “Unscented Things” the title track of his 5th Mini Album “Unfading Sense” followed by the emotional “Fornever” and “Silhouette”. Yesung told the crowd that he had his hair cut since it is his first concert of the year and asked ELF which they prefer his long hair or his now short hair which made fans assure him regardless of his hair length he is still pogi no matter what. Yesung shares how comfortable he has been with Philippine ELF since he has been here more often “I am very happy to see you more often. Is it because we see more often, that you’re so at ease with me. Maybe that’s how much I’m comfortable with you” which made the hearts of ELF at the theater swoon with kilig. The live band made the performances a top notch as it compliments Yesung’s breathtaking vocals which serenaded the crowd the whole night as he continued to perform the soothing yet relaxing “No More Love”, tranquil “Butterfly” and ends the first set with the heart-wrenching passionate “Moment” from his 1st Album “Sensory Flows”. 

The second set starts the show with “Floral Sense”, one of the fan favorites from his 1st Mini Album Special Version “Floral Sense” which directed all our senses to Yesung and the upbeat warm colorful “Beautiful”. Yesung is seen wearing his glasses and explained that he wore his specs in order to see his fans better. Yesung asked fans to take care of their eyesight before it’s too late since for him everything is blurry without his glasses. Yesung performed the heartwarming “4 Seasons” and the stunning “HO”. The crowd went wild as the instrumental intro of “It Has To Be You” was performed by the band, the song is an original OST from the hit KDrama Cinderella’s Sister which was released 13 years ago and it has been years since PH ELF crowd heard this song being performed live and the last one was during Super Show 3 in Manila presented by PULP Live World back in February 26th 2011 – a surprise song indeed that warmed the hearts of the everyone that night. PH ELF sang along with Yesung with this remarkable masterpiece. 

Yesung continues to captivate hearts as he performed the pop ballad “Bear Hug” followed by the fan favorite “Corazon Perdido (Lost Hearts)”. During the MENT, Yesung jokingly teased the fans that he is not wearing his glasses again. Yesung acknowledged that he knows that song he just performed is a song that ELF really love whenever he sings it live and he shared that everytime he sings “Corazon Perdido (Lost Hearts)” he wished that this was his title track for his 4th Mini Album “Beautiful Night” but it did not became one because of the decision of the company but he is pretty sure that ELF likes “Beautiful Night” which he performs after. Yesung shares every time he comes abroad that there are Korean jokes which the crowd can’t relate to and he wished that he knew how to speak the Filipino language instead. Yesung wishes that the world has just one language because it is frustrating due to the language barrier and teases everyone that we should learn Korean instead so we can understand him better, to which he apologizes that he should have learned Filipino too. He shares that he hopes in the future that there will be an advancement in technology where everyone can communicate easier with devices and in jest Yesung said that maybe in the near future there will be a device which he will put on his teeth and it will automatically translate which made the crowd roaring with laughter with his 4D personality. Yesung complains that he comes forward to have eye contact with fans but everyone is looking at their phones instead of him. Yesung reminds again that earlier he said that fans should take care of their eyes but how could he when everyone is looking at their phones and recording him instead so he teases that he will have his eye contact with everyone’s phone camera instead. Yesung shares that whenever he is doing his MENT, he wonders when will be the next time he will see ELF again but he wants to say that the Philippines is one of his favorites and hopefully we will see each other soon. Yesung wishes that ELF will continue to love and support him but also Super Junior too so they can come back again for SS10. Yesung finished up the third set with “Small Things” the title song of his 1st Mini Album “Sensory Flows” and the refreshing “Slide Away” which the crowd sang along with him as Yesung gave his nod of approval for the effort of his Ever Lasting Friends.

The Sapphire Blue Ocean (Super Junior’s Official Fandom Color) chanted ENCORE as the last set of the concert went like a breeze. Yesung started it with the gentle upbeat “Like Us” while holding SuJu Bong (Super Junior’s Official Lightstick) and “Together” a song written by Yesung for his beloved dogs Kkoming and Melo which are 13 and 15 years old respectively, Yesung talks about how he ditched his friends just to spend time with his dogs who loves to play in the snow. Yesung opens up about how fans always encourage him to eat properly but he reassures everyone that he is taking care of himself despite everything and he does not drink alcoholic drinks and maintain his diet all for the reason of anti-ageing so he will look good for his fans. Yesung likes the idea about how he is still AEGI or like a baby in his fans’ eyes then he is still not a Super Senior but rather still Super Junior’s Yesung. Yesung mentions that he will sing his last song for the evening and he will try his best to act cute as he performs “I Am” which is co-written and co-composed by himself. As the beautiful night came to an end, Yesung said his last words to his beloved ELF  “I want to thank you sincerely for always coming to see me every time so please stay healthy and take care of yourself until we meet again. Philippine ELF I love you, Thank you. See you Again.” 

Overall, it was an amazing night for everyone who was at the venue. Super Junior’s  Yesung proved why he is their group’s main vocalist and his versatility as a solo artist who loves his craft religiously which shows why Super Junior is still much loved by their Ever Lasting Friends until this very moment even after 18 years in the Kpop Industry. 

Special thanks to PULP LIVE WORLD and HAPPEE HOUR for this moment to run away with Yesung. 

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