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Why You Shouldn’t Miss Yugyeom’s Concert in Manila

by Ruth Leen

With his charisma and talent, it’s no longer a surprise that Kim Yugyeom continues to rise as an artist. He has definitely caught the heart and attention of the fans with his music. Being a member of GOT7 and a solo artist, Yugyeom proved that he has more to offer to the world. And having concerts is one of those.

Manila is one of the lucky countries that Kim Yugyeom is visiting for his solo concert. It will happen this August 19, 2022, at the New Frontier Theater. Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t miss Yugyeom’s Concert in Manila.

Hear Yugyeom Say Filipino Phrases

One of the reasons why it’s fun to watch concerts in the Philippines is because we can hear the artsist say some Filipino phrases that they prepared. A simple “Mahal Kita” is actually enough to make the Filipino AhGaSes’ hearts flutter. For sure, Yugyeom has prepared some Filipino phrases for his concert in Manila. What Filipino phrases do you want to hear from Yugyeom?

Watch Yugyeom Burn The Stage of New Frontier Theater With His Performances

We know how powerful Yugyeom’s dances are. But aside from his dance moves, Yugyeom also has amazing vocals that can sooth the hearts of the fans. This will be the first time Yugyeom will get to sing his solo songs live in the Philippines making it even more special. But not only that, Yugyeom has also added some GOT7 songs on his setlist (based from the Europe Tour).

Enjoy the Fan Perks

Royalty Ticket holders gets special fan perks from Yugyeom like Meet & Greet and Goodbye Session. You will not only get to watch Yugyeom’s performances that you can also interact with him through this perks. But not only that, all attendees of the concert will have their souvenir show card.

Be Part Once Again of the Green Ocean

Who don’t want to be part of this beautiful green ocean? It is truly a dream come true to experience watching a concert with your fellow AhGaSes. What more if you are also waving your AhGaBongs as Yugyeom perform? As we wait for a full group concert, let’s give our maknae the green ocean that he deserves.

PULP Live World presents YUGYEOM LIVE IN MANILA happening on August 19, 2022 (Fri) at the New Frontier Theater. The show starts at 7 PM. You can still buy tickets through all Ticketnet Outlets nationwide or via online.

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