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CONQuest Festival 2023 is only a few days away and fans are getting 3 days of exciting activities happening simultaneously at the SMX Convention Center, Conrad Hotel, Mall of Asia, Seashell Lane and NU MOA. To help you get the best CONQuest experience, here are some of the thing you can expect:


The Expo Floor will be filled with booths from Predator, Riot Games, Globe and our favorite tech and gaming companies plus guest booths where you can get signatures, merch, prints and more from your favorite guests.

There will also be an Indie Game Zone where exhibitors can promote their studio or game titles and you can try their demos for free.

The Expo Floor also includes the QuestMarket where you can check out awesome collectibles and merchandise from many different artists and shops. You can buy stickers, shirts, plushies, and more so best be prepared by having cash or your e-wallet with you.


You won’t have any time to spare because there will be panels and workshops where guests will talk about topics such as building mechanical keyboards, content creation, songwriting, cosplaying and gaming.

Fans also get the chance to meet their favorite content creators, voice actors, streamers, cosplayers and more thru the Free MeetZone and the additional paid meet & greets with The Rose, Scamily and Shoto.


You won’t go hungry for sure as you can expect a wide variety of food and drinks because they’re setting up a feast along Seashell Lane. Expect many different stalls, from hotdogs and fries to boba and other sweets, they have got you covered.


Anime lovers are in for a treat as they will see their friends and meet new ones and talk about their favorite shows and characters with each other. Not to mention if you’re wearing a costume of their favorite movie, anime and game characters, people will definitely be taking and asking for photos.

Another great thing about CONQuest is that it is a safe space for creative and witty cosplays and no one will judge you even when you’re in low budget cosplays or big over the top costumes. Everybody will love the amazing, creative and witty costumes for sure so don’t be shy and let us all have fun.


This year, CONQuest is giving event-goers two nights of music and partying. On Day 1, there’s a Rave Night where fans get to dance to the music of James Landino and Hyper Potions and good thing is, it comes free with your Friday Pass. On Day 2, we get Band Night, you can get this free with your Premium Pass or get it as an add-on for a new price of only P2500. Enjoy the music of Autotelic, Carousel Casualties, James Reid, Lesha, Oh Flamingo!, Timmy Albert and The Rose.

Some other activities you might enjoy are the Alliance Games Finals, Celebrity Showmatch, an Art Gallery, a Freeplay & Retro Arcade, a Streamzone, and the Tabletop Zone.

Make sure to check the schedules and announcements thru conquestph.com/schedules or on their social media pages. Plan ahead so you can experience the CONQuest Festival 2023 to the fullest. See you in the skies!

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