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Back-To-Back with EXO-SC

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Filipino EXO-Ls (PHIXOs) waited four long years to see Sehun and Chanyeol back in Manila!

We asked a few concert attendees on what they think is the best part of the concert:

Julie, a long-time EXO-L said “Yung Hawak Kamay part 🙂 para syang travelling through time. From DKFC to Exordium to SC Fancon. For me nostalgic sya na 10 years later, andito pa din tayo. Hawak kamay virtually with Exo.”

According to Gayle, “One would be Sehun and Chanyeol trying out Filipino “kakanin” or rice cakes and actually loving them. They even practiced saying the names of the rice cakes as correctly as possible, and I think that reflects their genuine love for PHIXOS and how they truly want to foster a stronger idol-fan relationship. Another would be Chanyeol singing “Hawak Kamay” with PHIXOs. Just goes to show that he know his fans well, and that the other EXO members cherish unique things that link them with their international fans.

You can definitely see through their smiles that they were so happy performing in front of Filo EXO-Ls. The whole fancon was like a big music session because both the idols and the fans were singing their hearts out enjoying the time together. – HYA

“All moments are considered best but whenever I remember how EXO Ls sang along to their songs, it makes me proud that I am part of it. Not to mention Chanyeol’s plans to live in the Philippines because he felt so loved by us.” – KRISTINE

“Actually, the whole concert was the best experience but if I was to pick one, it was the question & answer portions or the little game. The interaction between EXO-SC and every Phixo was amazing. Kudos to the organizer for a well planned fancon.” – ROSSEL

It was an unforgettable day for Filo EXO-L’s including myself. The whole event was great, though segments are pretty much the same for all stops. What makes it extra special for Filo EXO-L’s were Chanyeol’s Hawak Kamay and his covers of Creep. Also, the additonal song for Sehun’s dance challenge and the puto segment. – Ella

The best part of the concert for me was the crowd singing along with Sehun and Chanyeol because you can tell how genuinely happy it made them. Really helped in creating an atmosphere where everyone was having a great time. – Angela

The loud cheers from the crowd and EXO-SC repeatedly saying “Kayo ang best” is the confirmation that it was really a night to remember.

EXO-SC’s Back-To-Back Fancon Tour is brought to us by PULP LIVE WORLD and HAPPEE HOUR.

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