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Weki Meki is a girl group under Fantagio Entertainment and debuted August 8,2017 with their first mini album “WEME” with the title track “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”.

Photo from: Weki Meki Official Facebook Page

Despite of being a rookie, Weki Meki was one of the artists with the highest selling album among girl group debuting in 2017. Their first mini album “WEME” has sold approximately 47,000 copies since its release on August 8.

The group also released a sold out special “B” version of their “WEME” mini album.

They also came in third place in September among 2017 girl group brand reputation rankings.

Teen Crush

Weki Meki has eight members consisting of leader Ji Suyeon, visual Kim Duyeon, main rapper Choi Yoojung, vocalist Elly, lead vocalist Sei, main dancer Lua, lead dancer Rina, and maknae Lucy.

With their average age ranging from 15 to 20 years old, Weki Meki debuted with a theme “Teen Crush”, who plays around a concept of bright, fun, bubbly, and funky girls.

Photo from: Weki Meki Official Facebook Page

Besides of being bright and fun, Weki Meki’s dance choreography is sexy yet powerful which outgo an impression to the fans.


Before their debut, the members were included in Fantagio’s rookie talent development known as i-Teen girls on V Live.

Photo from: i-Teen Girls V Live Broadcast

It was their agency’s strategy to promote the girls and to hyped-up the fans. The members included were Sei, Lua, Elly, and Choi Yoojung.

While the other members appeared on different shows like Suyeon was on the Episode 190 of King Of Masked Singer, as “bell”, Maknae Lucy appeared in a 2015 Korean web drama “To Be Continued” together with Lua and Elly.

In January 2016, Sei, Doyeon and Yoojung participated in the variety reality show “Produced 101” season 1. On the 5th episode of the show, Sei got eliminated and ranked 85th. While Doyeon who ranked 8th and Yoojung ranked 3rd on the last episode and both become a member of I.O.I (아이오아이).

Photo from: I.O.I Official Facebook Page
Hide and Seek Comeback

In Fantagio’s official twitter account, a series of teaser and concept photos were revealed for their June comeback.

On May 29, Fantagio posted the first teaser, release date of their third mini album “Hide and Seek” which will happen on June 18, 2020. On the same day, second teaser was also revealed.

On the next day, June 1, Fantagio shared the teaser schedule for “Hide and Seek.” Meanwhile, “Hide” version concept photos was revealed last June 8 and the next day, concept film of “Hide” version was released.

In continuation of the unveiling, concept photos of “Seek” version was also revealed last June 10. While the concept film of “Seek” version was unveiled on Thursday.

Since the release of their digital single “DAZZLE DAZZLE” in February, album “Hide and Seek” is Weki Meki’s second comeback this year.

Check out Weki Meki’s “Oopsy” MV!

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