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[K-Highlight] June 8-13, 2020 – Philippine KPOP Convention]

by Fern Estrebello

Last week was incredibly intense as big groups were out there making headlines – like Super Junior – K.R.Y. , SEVENTEEN breaking their personal record with over a million copies of pre-order for their upcoming album, TWICE reached their 100th music show win, another hundred million views for Red Velvet, and BLACKPINK teasing everyone for their upcoming comeback and a reality show!

June 8

The week started with the long-awaited return of Super Junior-K.R.Y. The sub-unit released their mini album along with the music video for the title track of the same name. The vocal line sub-unit sang a ballad about reminiscing their memories of their loved ones. The heartfelt song expresses so much longing that can drive anyone to look back on their beautiful past. Check it OUT!

June 9

BTS carpool in “The Late Late Show with James Corden” was indeed one of the iconic appearance of the group that has already reached 38.8 million views on YouTube. However, the fun ride does not stop there as James Corden dropped a bonus clip for the Carpool Karaoke segment. Corden himself gifted the ARMY for their incredible job after matching BTS’ $1 million to the Black Lives Matter movement and more. Check out the clip below!

June 10

Meanwhile, Red Velvet has made another achievement in YouTube. Their music video for “Power Up'” surpassed 100 million views! This is also their 8th MV to reach that number of views along side with “Psycho,” “Ice Cream Cake,” “Red Flavor,” “Peek-A-Boo,” “Bad Boy,” “Dumb Dumb,” and “Russian Roulette.”

June 11

SEVENTEEN just dropped a pre-release music video, “My My,” for their upcoming comeback on June 22 with their seventh mini album “Heng:garae.” The album had officially surpassed one million of pre-orders breaking their own personal record 700,000 with previous album “An Ode.” As for now, check out “My My” below while waiting for the D-day.

June 12

Last week, TWICE just achieved their 100th win in music shows! The group won the first place on Music Bank” for their latest comeback “MORE & MORE.” The won that they got made it their 100 win since their debut in 2015. Also, TWICE is the second girl group to reach this milestone. As their comeback is setting records in sales and even the music video has reached a hundred million views, the girls expressed so much gratitude to their fans. Following the 100th music show win, they thanked their fans on their official Twitter account.

June 13

Ahead on their upcoming comeback this month, BLACKPINK surprised everybody with their teaser of their upcoming reality show “24/365 with BLACKPINK.” In the video the girls gathered to have a conversations about their updates in their lives and of course a little hint for their new song. They also shared a sneak peek of the reality show where the members were shown doing their work, hobbies, shopping, and just hanging out together. Check the full teaser below.

These are just some of the biggest happenings last week. For more K-Pop Highlight, stay tuned and keep updated!

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