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[WEEKLY FEATURE] Victon’s Continuous Howling

by Stephanie Macayan

VICTON (빅톤) has been in the Kpop industry since 2016. They’ve worked hard, produced music, and dreamed to become one of the most successful groups in the entertainment industry.


Just like other groups, Victon undergone a crisis period that tested their fans all throughout their journey.

The group had their hiatus back in 2018 and according to their agency, Play M Entertainment, it was hard to continue promoting them because the group was not bringing profits, thus Byungchan and Seungwoo joined the reality show “Produce X 101”. Even with these challenges, Victon still made a comeback after more than a year with 6 members for their 5th mini-album “Nostalgia.” Han Seungwoo promoted with X1 as one of the winners of the reality show.

2019 was better for the group as their latest album entered the Melon Music Chart at 51st rank and their song peaked at 34th rank while their other B0trancks also entered the chart. On top of that, the boys also got their first ever win in any music show. Their song “nostalgic night ranked first on SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

Recently, Play M Entertainment officially announced that Han Seungwoo will be promoting with the group again. On January 9, 2020, their agency posted on Twitter that the group are preparing for a comeback soon with complete seven members. The group returned with their new mini album “Continuous,” which features the title track “Howling” and won again on “The Show” but now with the complete 7 members.

Victon endured a lot before what they have achieved today. Thankfully they were able to manage and strive for their success and did not choose to disband. Their fans, the Alice, are really lucky as Victon chooses to continue howling and receive more achievements!

Congratulations to VICTON!

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