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Save the best for last— ENHYPEN ends their ‘FATE’ World Tour in PH

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Enhypen ended their ‘Fate’ World Tour with a spectacular finale on February 3 in New Clark City, marking their second tour in the country. Last year, in 2023, they concluded their 3-day Manifesto Tour in Manila, which was also the last stop.

The members— Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki— returned to the country delivering an unforgettable performance at a stadium. Jake expressed his joy, stating “I’m just so happy that we saved the best for last.”

Their concert featured a lineup of their hit songs including “Drunk-Dazed,” “Fever,” “Polaroid Love,” “Shout Out,” “Chaconne,” “Bills,” “Criminal Love,” “Bite Me,” and “Sweet Venom.”

Sunoo also stated “We are now at the end of our second world tour, Fate. I really cannot believe that this is happening. I am so happy because we are ending our world tour with so many Engenes here in the Philippines. Yesterday, during rehearsal, I thought the venue is so big.”

Some of the members also prepared performances exclusive for their PH stop. Sunoo singing “Moving Closer,” Jake with “Love Yourself,” Heeseung with “Give Me Your Forever”, Ni-ki with his dance cover of MiMS’ “Like This” and Sunghoon performing “Gento.”

“You guys prepared a lot..” as fans showcased their love for them with banners, and an orange flower field during their ment after “Shout Out” and an ocean of blue roses for Jungwon’s birthday.

They also got closer to the fans with their two-time moving carts segment during “Polaroid Love” and when they bid their farewell after performing “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC).

The concert reached its climax with big fireworks display that kicked off during “KARMA” until their final bow, ending their successful ‘Fate’ World Tour in the Philippines. Jay also stated “This is the Philippines we remember” during their ment expressing his joy with Engenes.

ENHYPEN World Tour ‘FATE’ in New Clark City is presented by PULP Live World & Happee Hour

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