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Our miracle, PARK JINYOUNG, is finally in Manila! Presented by PULP Live World, the lead actor of Yumis Cells is going to hold his first fan concert titled, Rendezvous: Secret Meeting Between You and Meat the New Frontier Theatre on February 26, 2023.

During his press conference at the Novotel, he answered some questions from the media present.

His 11 years in the industry

When questioned about what changed the most about himself in his 11 years in the industry, he jokingly replied with his height, his muscles, and the way he speaks since he now use more of the Seoul dialect or satoori.

His most challenging role

As he starred and led various dramas such as The Devil Judge, Yumi’s Cells, and Christmas Carol, he mentioned that he cannot just specify which role was the most challenging as some of them might have looked simple in the beginning but they became challenging as the character was being built.

Projects he wish to undertake

To be frank, I want to play all the roles. Because, although all characters look similar, as an actor who actually acts out the characters, they all have their own charm so I want to try all roles, and I also want to play a character that is around my age,” the young actor answered.

The best thing about a solo artist

The idol-actor also mentioned how it was fun when the GOT7 members are around and it is kind of lonely now that hes alone when he was asked what was the best thing about pursuing a solo career.

His message to Ahgases

I want to thank Philippines Ahgase for waiting for me for such a long time although I was not able to come here for a long time. To make up for the years that we have not met, I want to communicate with the fans by always showing new aspects of me. And thank you always, and I will most definitely come back,” Jinyoung said before parting ways with the media.

Article Submitted by: Cyrille Estapia

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