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[PRESS RELEASE] KCC to bring Korea’s famed Kimchi into Filipino houses this April

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Apart from K-Pop, nothing resonates with Korea more than Kimchi. This Korean national dish has captivated the taste buds of the Filipinos and other nationalities all over the globe, as it became paired with grilled dishes, noodles, soups, and it evolved into various forms such as powdered flavoring, dumplings, instant noodles, and a lot more.

This April, Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines joins the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts in celebrating the Filipino Food Month with a special event that brings together local and Korean food.

This month, Hansik lovers will definitely have an excuse to put up a feast for the My Kimchi Recipe Challenge. Avid kimchi fans can now raid their kitchen and whip their own Filipino food fusion recipes with Kimchi as an important ingredient. In order to qualify, participants must do the following: 1. Upload the photo of the completed dish on Facebook, 2. Use the hashtag #MyKimchiRecipe and #KolorfulAdventures 3. Tag two friends and, 4. Put the ingredients and directions of their dish on the description/caption of the image. KCC will be picking five lucky winners with the most creative dishes to win K-Food meal sets for two to enjoy at home!

            Highlighting everybody’s beloved Kimchi won’t stop there! Kimchi lovers would also learn something new with “Traditional Thursday x Kimchi.” The four-part series which will be released on KCC’s social networking accounts every Thursday this April will be discussing its history, various kinds, health benefits, and regional representations. Expect a thorough kimchi education this April from KCC!

In an effort to continue finding ways to bring Korea closer to those at home during these tough times, KCC has teamed up with the Jeju National Museum to showcase a three-part feature titled “The Story of Jeju.” This video series is perfect for those who have long been curious about the majestic Jeju Island, as well as, the kids and the family, who have been limited in traveling due to the quarantine regulations. These videos would put the island’s history and the famous areas that can be found in it in the spotlight. Think Jeju Island virtual tour on KCC’s YouTube Channel! The “Story of Jeju” series would be available every Sunday on KCC’s YouTube account.

Not only that, before April closes, one grand winner of P40,000 in cash would also be selected by KCC for its first-ever, Kreation: KCC PH’s 10th Anniversary Logo-Making Contest.

Good food and a whole lot of fun while learning await the supporters of K-Culture and the followers of KCC this April!

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