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Park Eun Bin’s Fan Meet in Manila

by Philippine KPOP Convention

There are a lot of reasons why a fan meeting becomes memorable for a fan. And for Park Eun Bin’s fan meeting in Manila, I guess we can say that this is memorable because it healed us. Phones off and eyes stuck on Park Eun Bin, it definitely became one of the most memorable fan meetings ever.

Park Eun Bin Press Conference

Morning of the 23rd of October, Park Eun Bin made time to meet the media through her press conference. She came in prepared. Aside from answering the questions sent by the media outlets, she also prepared a lot of Filipino phrases.

Since this is her first fan meeting in Manila, she was asked what activities she want to do in the Philippines. “I’m a bit adventurous that’s why I want to do some things that can only be done in the Philippines.”

When asked about her dream role, she mentioned that there are still a lot of roles she haven’t tried. But since the fans want her to do romcoms, she would love to those roles.

Aside from that, Park Eun Bin mentioned that if she’s not an actress, she probably would have been professor, fashion designer, to name some.

To end the press conference, Park Eun Bin shared a message to her fans. “Magandang araw po! Mahal ko kayo.”

Fan Meeting

Park Eun Bin started the fan meeting by singing “Hello”. She chose this song because this is the first time that she’ll be meeting her Filipino fans. Therefore, she wanted to say hello to everyone.

Filipino Phrases

Park Eun Bin prepared a lot of Filipino phrases that even the host, Kring Kim, was amazed. “Kumusta kayo? Ako si Park Eun Bin. Salamat sa pagpunta.” She mentioned that the fans want to hear those that’s why she really prepared for it.

“Maganda ba ako? Cute ba ako?” “Talaga?” “Opo!” these are just some Filipino phrases that she prepared.

Getting to Know Eun Bin More

Park Eun Bin shared some facts about her. These facts were not usually shared online.

Some facts that she shared:

  1. Park Eun Bin doesn’t have a beauty tip. She believes that it’s because of her fan’s love that’s why she stays beautiful.
  2. When asked what she prefers more, rainy or snowy, she chose snowy.
  3. She will choose having 1% left on her battery than having no internet.
  4. The secret behind the longevity of her career is because she loves her work.

Fan Interaction

There were some games wherein the fan joined. Like the Balance Game. The winners there received a a special tote bag with polaroid. Park Eun Bin drew her favorite rabbit with her signature on the tote bag.

Aside from that, she also read some messages from the fans. Those messages were written on post-its.

One of the most memorable fan interaction is the fan project. The fans prepared a video fan project for Eun Bin. The fans shared why they became a fan. This made Park Eun Bin cry.

“Even if we are far away, we were able to connect.”

Especially For You

To end the fan meeting, she prepared a song only for Filipino fans, Especially For You by MYMP. This is a song that she will only be singing in Manila.

Park Eun Bin Fan Meeting in Manila was presented to you by PULP Live World.

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