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Manila’s favorite Cherry Prince is Back! EXO’s Chanyeol Sparks Frenzy with Ever Bilena’s Fun Meeting

by Philippine KPOP Convention

It’s all about the celebration of beauty with Ever Bilena’s first male and international ambassador, EXO’s Park Chanyeol!

October is definitely off to a good start as EXO’s Chanyeol marked his first ever Funmeeting with Ever Bilena last Sunday at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Plenary Hall. The full-house show was filled with excitement from EXO-L’s and Yeolmaes who have been eagerly waiting for this collaboration.

Ever Bilena Cosmetics is among the country’s top local make-up brands that offer a wide range of affordable and high-quality products while remaining on top of the beauty trends. Last August 2023, they excitingly announced EXO’s Chanyeol as the brand’s new representative, making this the second local brand Chanyeol has endorsed this year–talk about being a Pinoy king! 

Following the success of his May event with fellow EXO member, Sehun for EXO-SC’s Back-to-Back Fancon, Chanyeol has returned for yet another sold out show! The announcement of his Fun Meeting with Ever Bilena even broke headlines and uproar from the entire Filipino K-Pop Community. The fast sellout of tickets shortly after its release dates is definitely a clear testament to EXO-L’s and Yeolmaes unwavering dedication for the multi-talented icon. Indeed, EXO is truly about making history


The funmeet kicked off with CHANYEOL performing his solo song, Nothin’ from EXO-SC’s studio album “1 Billion Views”, setting the stage for an exciting and energetic night. Chanyeol shared after the opening performance that he was initially asked to not perform but wanted to make the night even more special for the fans so he pushed through. EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes admired the gesture and appreciated Chanyeol’s effort to make the fun meeting a memorable night for them.

Sitting down with the show’s emcee, Denise Laurel, Chanyeol shared great memories of when he first got invited to become the brand’s ambassador, “I remember that I had a very, very beautiful moment.”

Chanyeol also mentioned that while filming the ad campaign, he became really fond of Ever Bilena products and expressed his deep gratitude for being selected as the brand’s first male and international ambassador. “It’s a great honor for me to be the very first male ambassador of Ever Bilena,” Chanyeol happily expressed.

Fun games like Sipa, Tagalog Tongue Twisters, and a segment called “The Guess List,” were played during the show in which Chanyeol effortlessly identified all Tagalog words that corresponds to images being displayed on the screen—standing out with guessing the word “Pogi” among them.


When asked about his favorite products, Chanyeol chose Ever Bilena’s Serum Tinted Lip Balm. He mentioned, “Originally, my lips are very dry. I didn’t do anything, I just put this product on my lips and it became well moisturized.” He further shares that he even used the lip balm as part of his make-up routine for that evening using the shade Naked.

“It was supposed to be a secret but doing my make-up today I used Ever Bilena products. Don’t I look pretty tonight?” Chanyeol asked the crowd which gave him an uproar of cheers in response. “I think today’s going to be very special.” he happily expressed.

Apart from the Serum Tinted Lip Balm which had other shades like: Latte, Toast of New York, and Bloom (his favorite), Chanyeol’s other EB picks are the Plus Shape & Set Brow Duo, the Fearless Serum Skin Foundation, and the Two-Way Cake Serum Foundation with shades Oriental and White Beige.

Fans even teased the singer-songwriter urging him to do a sample of endorsing the products and saying his iconic tagline “Ever Bilena For Every Beauty” afterwards, to which he did enthusiastically igniting the fans’ excitement even further.

“After the product promotion of Ever Bilena, I think I will be able to show the face that you’ve never seen before. And I believe that you would be able to see a new color of me through Ever Bilena products.” the singer-songwriter reveals.

“You guys are a powerhouse fandom for a reason.” – Denise Laurel

Yeolmaes and EXO-Ls were definitely in for a treat that night as Chanyeol prepared a lot of special surprises.

Chanyeol had an intimate one-on-one with fans and serenaded them with the EXO’s all-time favorite and go-to Tagalog song, Hawak Kamay by Yeng Constantino. Prior to the special performance, he says, “It’s been a long time since I last visited the Philippines. Sayang if I just leave the Philippines like this. So I prepared a small gift for you guys. With one heart, let’s sing this song together.”

Lucky fans were also gifted with Ever Bilena products which he personally handpicked and packed himself. Of course, it wouldn’t be a gift from him if he didn’t add more personal touch to it. Designing the gift boxes with his fruit representation, Cherry; his dog, Zzar; and lastly, a drawing of him and EXO-Ls together full of hearts and love–he really went all out to make this surprise even more special.

In return, EXO-Ls successfully surprised Chanyeol him back with a heartfelt fan video featuring messages from fans across the country. More efforts were made to surprise the idol, presenting him with the iconic Same Day Edit (SDE) video prepared by Ever Bilena’s team. Furthermore, the “LOVE CY Fanlight Exhibition,” organized by PCY Union PH, Chanyeol Philippines, REAL_PCY Philippines, and other EXO Filipino fanbases, marked the spot for the overall surprise and celebration.

Chanyeol turned emotional, expressing in his final ment, “While watching this video you made me realize that my existence itself already gives you a lot of strength. So I have this determination that I cannot live without trying my best or trying harder.” With the fans’ love and support, he continues to say that he is very determined to work harder to become EXO-Ls’ pride and live a better life from that moment on.

I’m really overjoyed tonight. I was really extremely happy. I was able to see how I looked tonight and really saw how happy I was. And that’s all thanks to you guys.”

The show came to an end with Chanyeol receiving a standing ovation and loud cheer from the crowd. All “firsts” are undoubtedly one to keep as a core memory, serving as the foundation upon which we build our appreciation for the journey ahead. Indeed, this unforgettable fun meeting will forever be engraved in the hearts of all EXO-Ls.

Explore more of Ever Bilena Cosmetics on www.everbilena.com.ph/ and follow them on Shopee and Lazada.

CHANYEOL EVER BILENA Fun Meet in Manila is brought to you by Ever Bilena.

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