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Hwang Minhyun is an epitome of a multi-faceted man in “Unveil in Manila”

by Philippine KPOP Convention

There’s no doubt, Hwang Minhyun has been blessed with talents and a lot of potential that he is willing to share to the universe. He is undeniably a blessing to his fans, which he endearingly calls Hwangdos, as well.


His first Asia tour as a soloist, “Unveil” gave him a chance to show everyone his different facets and what he had become in his 12th year in the industry. In fact, within a decade, he debuted twice – first, as a member of NU’EST in 2012 and coming back prosperously in 2019, and second, as the 9th member of WANNAONE, after finishing the survival show, Produce 101 Season 2. Now, with all the experiences and lessons he gained, he is still HWANG MINHYUN, a genuine idol who is ready to make his fans happy and this mini concert is an avenue to achieve that goal. 

Kumusta kayo? Ako si Hwang Minhyun.

Hwang Minhyun greeted the media and Hwangdos who won a presscon pass, with glee, last Saturday, October 7th, at the Monet 3 Ballroom, Novotel Manila. 

“It’s been a while since I came back to Manila. I’m excited for tomorrow and I hope you enjoy the mini concert.” We could recall the last time he was here was for NU’EST’s tour, Segno in Manila back in 2019. He surely missed the energy he received from then.

Ms. Kring, the host, shared the platform with him and started asking questions from the press.

Here are most of those questions and his answers:

1.       Your music often carries meaningful messages and emotions, can you show us the concepts you want to explore in the future in terms of music?

I want to do music for a long time and there’s a lot I need to unveil. Please look forward to what I will prepare in the future.

2.       What do you want to explore in the future in terms of your acting?

There’s no role or specifics that I look forward to play. However, when somebody gives me a new offer for a new character, I love the process where I study about it and get myself involve to it, so I look forward to more variety of roles in the future.

3.       With the success of “My Lovely Liar”, would you also like the ability to hear the lies of people or have a photographic memory instead?

Photographic memory, like in the drama, it would be difficult to have an ability to hear other people’s lies.

4.       Can you give us one fun episode during the shoot?

The whole shooting was a lot of fun, but a particular scene is the camping scene The directorn didn’t give us specific instructions of what we need to do, the director told us to feel at home as if he’s really on a camping trip with his girlfriend, he roasted the meat, did the barbecue where the meat even fell in the charcoal. I thought the director will not use that scene, but he used it for a very natural scene to come out.

5.       Which of your songs has the lyrics that you want to share to Hwangdo?

“You have to be happy, ‘cos you’re my Universe” that’s my message and wish to all Hwangdos – that they will be happy in their lives

6.       You mentioned that you want to travel. What was your dream destination?

I really love travelling and there’s a lot of countries that I haven’t visited so far. In the future, if I have the time, I want to bring my backpack and do a world tour

7.       You are also introducing travel destinations that you’ve been to, through the Hwanglog. If you have a chance to travel here in the Philippines, where would you like to go and is there anything that you want to try here?

I really love nature and Philippines is very rich with it, I heard that Boracay is a wonderful place, and it is popular with its sunset. I’m looking forward to go there to capture the sunset myself and share to my Hwangdo.

8.       The photographs that Minhyun show the world through his eyes were beautiful. If you are holding a camera right now, what moment would you like to capture?

Of course, I would like to capture everyone here – the media and also my fans, the Hwangdos who are seating here right now

9.       What are your current interests?

If you’re asking about my latest interest, to be honest, I don’t have a lot of interests right now. I’m not the type of person with a lot of interests, but if given the chance, I would like to study more about photography.

10.   How is the process of preparing for the stage as a singer is different from preparing for shooting as an actor?

As a singer, preparing for a stage takes months and a lot of external help from the staff while as an actor, I have to come on set, or the shooting location prepared along with the staffs and the synergy comes out


Before leaving to prepare for the fansign session of 100 lucky Hwangdos, he ended the press conference by pulling out a piece of paper, which caused laughter in the hall. “Maraming Salamat po. Mahal ko kayo.” He heart-warmingly read.

Mahal na Mahal ko Kayo.

LOVE is in the air as Hwang Minhyun graced the stage of the New Frontier Theater last October 8, 2023. Starting off with the title track of his solo debut mini album, “Truth of Lie”, he performed “Hidden Side” passionately with its signature choreography. An MC himself, he introduced the host, Kring Kim who will be with us as he showcases fresh and unexplored facets of himself. Thus, the title that we have for this tour, “Unveil”. He also thanked everyone for the success of the drama he just finished, “My Lovely Liar” and when asked about his favorite scene, he couldn’t choose a specific one because he appreciates his character, Doha’s growth throughout the drama, that also helped in his own development and exploration as an actor. He then serenaded the fans with the ballad from his debut mini album, “Honest” and “Earphone”, his solo track from NU’EST’s second full-length album, ROMANTICIZE. 

There is no dead air because after the 1st set, Minhyun talked about the special gift that was given to the ticketholders of the highest tier – it is a memopad, that he thought is practical because he also love taking notes and he wants us to remember him whenever we write on it. 

Unveil “Timing game” has 4 questions that involved his talents – dancing, singing, and acting . He was not able to guess the first category where he had to dance the part of the MV shown in the screen, but he sung confidently in the second and third one where he sung the missing parts of “Universe” in acapella. How good it is to witness that sweet harmonious voice live. For the last one where he had to state the line following the viral scene from “Alchemy of Souls”, he did not pass as he admitted that his memory is not that good with his drama lines.  It is still good news because the punishment made him wear cute headbands and danced to Baekhyun’s Betcha and NewJeans’s Super Shy which the fans really love. 

He went back to being Hwangtimental (a nickname for Hwang Minhyun who becomes sentimental when he is singing) with soundtracks that he had the honor to interpret, “So Beautiful” for the webcomic, After School Lessons for Unripe Apples and “Tree”, a rendition of “Just Watching You” for the second season of Alchemy of Souls.

His VCR that showed his thoughts on his growth and his interests, that included “As long as I don’t give up and continue on with my career, I am confident that I would succeed at some point. These were the things that I imagined myself to be in to strive and work harder” touched fans and made them appreciate him more.

Minhyun once again entered the stage with a denim outfit, and danced to “Perfect Type” and “Cube” which showed the sexy and confident side of him. It was then followed by the second segment, “Hwang Minhyun’s Music Album Season 2” where he acted like a DJ who reads a letter from his fans and dedicate a song for an advice. Through this, we had an opportunity to hear his sweet melody that started with Lyn’s “Back in Time” that pierced through our souls as the soundtrack of “Moon Embracing the Sun” and he continued advising the so-called “Yul” who wrote a letter with a situation that seems similar with his character in Alchemy of Souls, Seo Yul, with melancholic covers of Jung Seung Hwan’s Snowman, then “Crazy” and “White Night” from his favorite artists. He closed the segment with a special arrangement of “Universe” that definitely moved the hearts of every Hwangdo as they waited for this moment, to witness it live, especially for those who saw him for the first time.

Sadly, the mini concert is ending, but he came back for an encore with “Crossword” and “Smile” that really felt good as he greets the fans and did his best to meet their eyes. In between these songs, a VCR from his Hwangdos was shown in the screen then the audience started singing the chorus of Universe together while raising the banner with the message, “We love Minhyun in every universe” which really reached him. He happily took a commemorative photo with his fans and expressed his gratitude for their love and support even we’re miles apart. “Now as I go back to Korea, I have to go back filming my new series, Study Group. I am doing my best so when it comes out, please support Study Group as well” Minhyun informed everyone of what we can anticipate despite the distance. He sent his beloved Hwangdo his well-wishes to continue to be together forever. “Kita muli tayo, Minamahal kong Hwangdo. Mahal na Mahal ko Kayo.” he shyly said, but it warms everyone’s hearts.

With a final bow, he bid farewell to the fans, rooting for another chance to see them again. Hwang Minhyun’s appreciation was deeply felt by Hwangdos in the venue and Hwangdos felt the same way. Indeed, seeing him and experiencing his “Unveil” made us realize how much this man deserve the love and we can fall in love again and again.

2023 HWANG MIN HYUN MINI CONCERT ‘UNVEIL’ IN MANILA was made possible by PULP LIVE WORLD and TONZ Entertainment

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