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Based on actual police cases, the upcoming Korean thriller “Target” is a cautionary thriller from real life experiences of buyers who fell prey to scams of organized online crimes and the terrifying possibilities of the encounter.  The movie focuses on the current social phenomenon of second-hand deals fraud, director Park Hee-kon wanted to tell a story where the reality is the movie.  To achieve its realistic impression on the audience, the director met with various police officers and detectives to learn about the process of arresting criminals and the difficulties they faced in the process.

“Target” features Shin Hae-sun in the lead role along with Kim Sung-kyun and Kang Tae-oh, Korea’s most talented stars who have gained global following and acclaim with their works in highly-engaging and popular dramas.

Shin Hae-sun stars as the movie’s lead who has proven her versatility in various genres such as “Collectors”, “Mr. Queen” and “Still 17”. Hae-sun as Soo-hyun in the movie is the protagonist who becomes the target after purchasing a defective second-hand washing machine. Shin immerses the audience by expressing Soo-hyun’s emotions as she goes from an ordinary office worker to the target of a killer whose life falls apart as she is anonymously threatened. From the anger of being scammed in a used item purchase, to the fear that someone is watching her every move, and the despair of not being able to escape the criminal’s watch, Shin delicately expresses the various emotions with a three-dimensional, compelling performance. Portraying not just a victim who is unconditionally targeted, but a woman who takes action to find the culprit, Shin leads the audience with her intense performance. “When something like this happens, there must be people who want to solve the problem in the same way. I could really identify with the main character who struggles to deal with it. And the atmosphere created by the art and props set up in Soo-hyun’s house, helped me get into my role,” shares Hae-sun.

Fresh from the success of “Moving”, actor Kim Sung-kyun (also known for his role in the iconic Reply 1988) takes on the role of veteran detective Joo in “Target” as part of the cybercrime unit who is tasked to investigate on the case.  While routinely dealing with hundreds of online crimes daily, he is assigned to investigate Soo-hyun’s case but soon finds himself in unsettling situations while solving the crime.  “”It was very refreshing to read a piece that portrayed reality in an era where we have become numb to exchanging personal information,” says Sung-kyun of his latest movie.

Kang Tae-oh, who gained attention for his role in the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” takes on the role of junior detective Na who doesn’t miss a trace. Na is a rookie who is overwhelmed by the hundreds of cases he every day but still approaches each case with enthusiasm.  “The movie felt so realistic because it was based on used goods deals that are easily available to everyone. While reading the scenario, I could relate to it and became worried,” Tae-oh says, expressing high empathy and satisfaction with the film’s realistic setting.

Check your favorite local (Ph) cinemas for online ticket purchase of “Target” set to open on October 18.   “Target” is from Encore Films (Ph) to be distributed by Warner Bros.

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