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Definitely a Color+Full Night with Kim Seon Ho

by Philippine KPOP Convention

The much awaited fanmeeting of Kim Seon Ho, happened last Saturday, April 13, 2024 leaving fans with a night to remember. Kim Seon Ho introduced the newest Fun Chow Korean style rice mixes in partnership with NutriAsia’s UFC brand.

Starting the night, Kim Seon Ho serenaded the fans with the song “Miracle” and said goodbye to the fans with another song “Reason”— a song close to his heart as this is his first single.

The fanmeet was hosted by Ryan Bang, who kept everyone entertained the whole night with playful interactions between Kim Seon Ho and the fans.

Ryan Bang asked several questions to Kim Seon Ho, during the question and answer segment. He asked what he would like to eat imagining if it were his last meal. Kim Seon Ho answered that he would eat teokkbokki as it was his favorite food. Kim Seon Ho then added that he enjoyed the taste of lechon in the Philippines. And expressed “I want to try teokkbokki with lechon inside” in Korean.

During the games, lucky fans had the chance to take part in relay drawing quiz, telepathy game, tounge twister, and “sipa” game, with Kim Seon Ho.

Fans were amazed at how good Kim Seon Ho is during the toungue twister game. The famous “siopao, siomai, suman,” and “tasa sa tanso, tanso sa tasa.”

It was already a dream come true for the fans to be on stage, shake hands with him and play a game. In addition to winning prizes, Kim Seon Ho also took polaroid selfies with the winners.

On the second half of the event, Kim Seon Ho showed off his cooking skills with UFC’s Fun Chow Korean style rice mixes, and had his fans taste the dish.

Seonhohadas also did not forget to greet him a happy birthday. “You are the first people to celebrate with me, he said. He will celebrate his 38th birthday on May 8th. He added “ I will keep and treasure your hearts when I go back to Korea.”

Before saying goodbye, he watched a video made by his fans.

He said “Thank you so much for joining me. I’ll make sure to be a colorful actor who shows various charms to you, guys. I am very thankful and happy. Salamat po.”

Kim Seon Ho’s 2024 Asia Tour in Manila “Color+Full” was presented by makeitlive and UFC.

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