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Aespa, The Boyz and Taeyeon enthralled us to a diverse universe – #KVersePH

by Philippine KPOP Convention

K-pop has taken the world by storm, captivating millions of fans with its infectious beats and stunning visuals. In the Philippines, K-pop fandom is alive and it is evident through K-Verse: The Ultimate Pop Universe that was held last April 11, 2023 at the Araneta Coliseum. Aespa, The Boyz, and Taeyeon graced the Big Dome with awe-inspiring performances that transported us to a diverse universe beyond our dreams. Let us relive the magic of this unforgettable event made possible by Make It Live Asia, showcasing these talented artists who continue to break boundaries in the ever-evolving landscape of K-pop music.

aespa takes MYs to the "Next Level"

Lights went off and the loudest cheer filled the venue after the hosts, Filipino singer-actress Denise Laurel and Philippine-based Korean host Kyung-min Kim, introduced Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning of aespa, one of the most sought-after girl group of this generation who opened the stage with their debut track, “Black Mamba”, followed by the catchy B-side, “Illusion” from their second EP, Girls. They greeted all their Filipino MYs and expressed how they really wanted to see Filipino MYs and hope that the fans present that night will enjoy. When asked “Was there any place that they wanted to visit or food they wanted to try?”, Giselle shared that she would like to try Adobo in the Philippines as she has tasted it when she visited a Filipino friend’s home back in high school. Karina really wanted to visit Boracay because she love swimming. After a bit of an interview, they came closer to their fans as they sung their first English-language single, “Life’s Too Short”, followed by their bubbly dance track, “Lingo”. The night became extra special to MYs and aespa as the whole audience sung “Happy Birthday” and raised banners for Karina who turned 23 on April 11. “Such a memorable birthday for me” Karina was moved by the fans’ enthusiasm. They gave a hint of their comeback as MYs chanted for it and they did a bit of a “spicy” gesture. Guess we must watch out for it soon! aespa finished their segment with a satisfying back-to-back performance of their viral songs, “Savage” and “Next Level”.

THE BOYZ pulls us to a THRILL RIDE

After almost 4 years, the 11-member group, THE BOYZ dominated the stage once again with a “ROAR” that The Bs have been waiting for. Each of them greeted in their unique ways, especially Kevin who took an effort to say “Mag-ingay! Masaya ako na makita kayong muli” (Make some noise! I’m happy to see you again” with most of the members saying “Mahal Kita”(I Love You). We’ve watched them grow through “Road to Kingdom” and “Kingdom” and their skills on became evident on stage with their dramatic stage for “Maverick” and “The Stealer”.

K-Verse is extra memorable with The Bs celebrating Sunwoo’s upcoming birthday on the 12th. The crowd and the members sung him the birthday song, both in English and Korean. Sunwoo was surprised and touched as he said, “It’s definitely a very big present for me that we were able to celebrate my birthday together! I want you to enjoy as much you can for my birthday.”, then proceeded with a unique melody development with “Salty”. They hyped up the crowd with “Dance ‘Till We Drop” and delivered impressive fan service as they came closer to their fans. Before they performed their last song, “Thrill Ride”, a cheerful song that they released during the pandemic, Eric asked who have seen them live before, since they were in Manila for “The Castle”, their fan con in 2019 and remarked, “To all the fans here that are not The Bs yet, stan THE BOYZ before it’s too late. You guys are The Bs (The Boyz fans) from now on”. Surely, THE BOYZ captured the hearts of many fans in K-Verse.

Experiencing FOUR SEASONS with TAEYEON

SONEs became the loudest when Taeyeon’s VCR played. As soon as she sung “I”, the crowd sung along. It is as if we’re transported to a heavenly universe as we hear her singing voice. She showed her versatility with the immediate transition to a pop dance song with a disco rhythm, “Toddler” from her latest album, INVU.

It’s been more than four years since the Filipino SONEs last seen Taeyeon and it was during her first solo concert in the country last December 2018. Fans are definitely elated to listen to her soulful voice again. The fans raised their banners with a message, “Taeyeon Beshie, you are still our 11:11 wish” and in response, she held a banner made for her, that shows “PH SONE, I’m back” and said “Mahal ko kayo”. When asked about the first thing she did when she came here, fans chanted “Solo con” proving she’s “The world’s most loved vocalist” as Ms. Denise Laurel described. The cheers intensified when she confirmed she is preparing for a concert and wishing to be back. Without the need of any back-up, Taeyeon fills her own stage with the song from her third album, “Set Myself on Fire” followed by an interpretation of the ups and downs of love, “Four Seasons” and the R&B post break-up song, “What Do I Call You?”. She concluded the show with her latest title track, “INVU” that she enjoyed as the fans sing along after her final remark, “It’s been so long since I experienced and felt the love and passionate cheers from you all.” Taeyeon really enjoyed it here and we hope she’ll be back to let us witness her ethereal presence once again.

K-Verse: The Ultimate Pop Experience is presented by Makeitlive

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