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Reliving the fulfilled dream at NCT DREAM’s 2-day show in Manila

by Philippine KPOP Convention

From the moment they stepped onto the stage, NCT DREAM had the sold-out crowd in Manila under their spell. The energy was electric as fans eagerly awaited every move and note from these rising K-pop stars. And now, as we look back on the last weekend of April when THE DREAM SHOW 2 IN MANILA happened, it’s impossible not to relive some of the most unforgettable moments that left us breathless and begging for more.

“You guys are amazing audience!” Mark remarked in the final ment as the whole MOA arena were evidently hyped since their performance of Glitch Mode, the title song of their 2nd regular album, up to their popular rendition of their senior’s song, CANDY, that came out with their special winter album in 2022.

“Countdown (3,2,1”), “Stronger”, “Dreaming” and “Dejavu” completed their first set with thrilling dance performances as if they’re 7DREAM. It doesn’t seem lacking as they give it their all, despite Chenle who was not able to come to Manila as he needed time to recuperate for his health condition. Their love series made the crowd delighted as they perform “My First and Last”, “Be My First”, “Love Again” and “To My First”, making us feel the youthful love. Czennies became mellow when Renjun and Haechan graced the stage with “Sorry, heart”, while Chenle was being shown on the screen during his parts.

“In 2 days that we’ll be together, we’ll create a lot of good memories” Haechan assured during their ment. The serene atmosphere then continued as the other members proceeded to the right corner of the stage and sung “Puzzle Piece, followed by a medley with their debut track, “Chewing Gum” and their 2021 B-sides, “ANL” and “Dive into You” where they spread out to greet the fans in different sections, then going back to the main stage with “Irreplaceable”.

After a slight break with their exclusive music videos playing, the special unit with Mark, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung fired up the stage with “Saturday Drip” then mesmerized the audience as they dance in pairs for “Quiet Down” that proves that dreamies can be sexy in their own way. The stage turned retro when the members went back to the main stage with mic stands for “Better than Gold” then went hard on the dance floor with “Diggity followed by their title tracks, “Ridin’” and “Boom” that fans can’t help but sing along.

The boys went backstage and the whole arena looked like stars as they turn on their flashlights, signaling that the song that cheered us up during the pandemic is the next performance. “Hello Future” went on and it felt like we’re ready to face the future after witnessing this live. “We Go Up” and “Trigger the Fever” made us party along, enjoying the time of our lives. “Hot Sauce” and “Beatbox” hyped the crowd more, forgetting that we’re now approaching the end of The Dream Show 2.

“Thank you Manila, see you tomorrow” Jisung heartwarmingly sent off the 1st day of The Dream Show 2. They accepted and played with fans’ gifts during “My Youth” and “Walk you home” then bowed with gratitude as they bid farewell to Czennies. It was sad that the “Dream” is ending but on a lighter note, they entered the stage again with their young and happy spirit as they perform the fan-favorite, “CANDY”.

“We’ll be back to Manila, as soon as possible with Chenle. Don’t skip a meal.” Jaemin closed the show with this short but sweet final ment.

It is a dreamy weekend that we will never forget; a memory of our youth even when most of the audience are adults too. This is all made possible by Pulp Live World and we’re already looking forward to their next visit as 7DREAM.

In Mark’s words, “I knew you guys will be amazing!” and Filipino Czennies will never fail to prove it.

The Dream Show 2 in Manila is presented by PULP Live World and Happee Hour

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