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EXO-SC returns to Philippine stage

by Philippine KPOP Convention

You heard it right, EXO-Ls!

The boys of EXO-SC are finally coming back to Manila!

EXO-SC, the EXO sub-unit consisting of members Sehun and Chanyeol, debuted in 2019 with the hit single “What A Life” and followed with the charting, 1 Billion Views. The duo has earned themselves the title of best-selling sub-unit in South Korea, with the record-breaking sales from their last EP.

Member Park Chanyeol has just returned to the limelight after his military service ended in 2022 and Sehun has been active with his upcoming drama, ‘All That We Loved’. They have also recently concluded their fan meeting, EXO’Clock, with the whole EXO members for their 11th anniversary.
The duo is not only known for their good looks but also for contributing to their music. Here are some of their best-produced tracks to gear yourself up ahead of their return!


Released ahead of their 1 Billion Views comeback, Telephone is a hip-hop song written and composed by Chanyeol’s Studio_519, and Gaeko and Sehun. The song also features 10CM, giving a cheerful hip-hop vibe to it. Fun fact: Sehun wrote this on his way to Fashion Week!

1 Billion Views

This funky and vibrant title track of their second EP features the singer, Moon, giving chill disco vibes as they sing about wanting to see someone as much as 1 Billion times. The lyrics are penned by the duo alongside Gaeko and Boi B. According to Chanyeol, they wrote relatable terms such as ‘ASMR’, ‘4k High Definition Cam’, and ‘web drama’ in their lyrics as their fans use these terms a lot.

Just Us 2

Featuring Gaeko and is composed by the famous Gray, this song has a chill melody with an addictive piano theme and soft synth. A music video was released showing Chanyeol and Sehun working at the studio, as you hear them sing about dreaming about a vacation.


Sehun and Chanyeol showcase their low timbre vocals as they sing about longing for a love lost. Studio 519, Chanyeol’s studio, worked closely with this track as the duo pours their heart out on the emotional lyrics and composition.

Fly Away

Another track featuring Gaeko, Fly Away is a track that takes you on an emotional journey of longing for childhood and the expectations of the world towards them as they grow. Chanyeol and Sehun has expressed how personal the song is to them, giving it a melancholier vibe.

EXO-SC’s sold out show, Back to Back Fancon, is happening on May 20, 2023, in Araneta Coliseum, brought to you by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour

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