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OPPAnalo – Your latest Hallyu Related Trivia Game Show!

by Philippine KPOP Convention

Cornerstone Entertainment TV presents “OPPAnalo” – the latest trivia game show for Korean culture fanatics. The show is hosted by the Philippine based Korean singer Yohan Hwang, also was known as Yohan King, the Korean Romantic Balladeer. He won the first season of I LOVE OPM and popularized “Noege” the korean version of “Ikaw” as the OST of “Love in the Moonlight” in Philippine television.

OPPAnalo is more than a quiz show as Yohan also fills your Korean vocabulary with the word of the day, or his recommended Kdrama Pick of the week, or better yet the added segment, Kpop Spotlight! You get to have fun and also get the chance to win some prizes!

Catch it every Monday at 8PM to start your week right! Like Cornerstone Entertainment’s official page for the updates!

Check out OPPAnalo’s latest episode to get the hang out of it! https://www.facebook.com/cornerstoneofficial/videos/268490374572448/

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