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Jaejoong wowed the fans and showed us why he is THE standard

by Philippine KPOP Convention

It was a rainy Friday but Boss Babies and Cassiopeias are ready to see their idol!

After waiting for almost 6 years, JAEJOONG returned to Philippines to wow his crowd on a memorable night.

JAEJOONG opened the show with WE’RE, preparing us to what’s to come on this vocally driven show which showed us why he is one of the top vocalist in Kpop.

He continues with more ballads which captured the heart of his fans and the live band really helped set up the mood.

After more songs, he went to channel his inner rockstar and perform songs like Luvholic and Welcome To My Wild World. The crowd went wild as they rock out along JAEJOONG’s music.

JAEJOONG promised the crowd that he will come back faster next time so they won’t have to wait 6 more years.

JAEJOONG closes out the show with I’ll Protect You, an OST from the drama Protect The Boss).

It was a wonderful night of appreciation and wonderful moment between fans and JAEJOONG. A moment we can’t forget.

J Concert in Manila is presented by Neuwave Events

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