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The Unforgettable Night of Mark Tuan’s The Otherside Show in Manila

by Philippine KPOP Convention

January is off to a good start for Filipino Ahgases as American-Taiwanese singer-songwriter, Mark Tuan takes over Manila with his “The Otherside Tour” last January 14, 2024 at the SM North Edsa, Skydome.

The show kicked off with a riveting and hyped opening performance by American-Taiwanese rapper, Wesdaboy.

Amidst the heightened anticipation, Mark opened the show with his soulful ballad, “after hours”, setting a captivating atmosphere that immediately pulled the audience into a melancholy experience. It was followed by his 2022 single, “Change Up” and “Save Me”.

Among his setlist also includes, “far away”, “Exhausted,” and “At My Low,” “My Life,” Everyone Else Fades,” “This Is Everything,” and “imysm”. He also performed his new released single from last year, “Fallin’,” and “Your World.”

Filipino Ahgases also got to know the show’s back story as Mark explains the meaning behind The Otherside, “I’ve been performing onstage with GOT7 for so many years, it’s been 10 years now.”

Being in front of the camera, being on stage, you guys have seen the good moments, you guys have seen us always happy. I’m sure there are times when we can’t hide our emotions, sometimes we are a little upset on stage,” Mark goes on to explain the inspiration that sparked the creation for his first full-length album.

“The Other Side is speaking of that part of us, that part of me. I just wanted to kind of get my feelings out for a little bit for this album.”

Mark shared that though on-stage it may seem perfect and happy, it’s natural that he and all people still go through emotions which showcases one’s “other side”.

Fans also got to have fun with the singer during his ment, teasing him to do the “shot puno” challenge—wherein one would take a drink in one shot and a rendition that has been passed around to all GOT7 members. Mark willingly did as requested and drank his cup of red bull in one go.

Mark also got to perform a rock n’ roll rendition of his songs. “It was really cool to do some more rock, pop-based songs. I grew up listening to a lot of alternative rock and stuff like that. I had a lot of fun performing on stage,” he shared.

Ahead of their 10-year anniversary, Mark also shared a sentimental reflection about GOT7, expressing gratitude for the group’s incredible journey along with the unwavering support from fans which has fueled their collective success.

“I appreciate the support you guys have shown us. Hopefully, we’ll come back as GOT7. But until then, I need you guys to hold on a little bit, okay?” he said.

Filipino Ahgases are truly in for a treat when the singer also mentioned the GOT7 tingi agenda—a shared fan culture wherein the members of the group come by piece in the country. “Apparently all the members have been here except me. I’m sorry I took so long,” Mark shared, gaining loud cheers from the audience.

“It means a lot that you guys are here for my first tour,” he goes on to say.

The night just couldn’t draw to an end without more surprises. Filipino Ahgases set up a special video for Mark which included his long journey from debut to his venture as a solo artist. The heartfelt video highlighted the milestones, career growth, and cherished moments shared with both GOT7 and Ahgases.

Mark began to thank the fans for staying with him from the very beginning and assured the fans that all of GOT7 will always be with Ahgases. “I want you guys to know that I’m gonna be here for you. Also the rest of the six boys are gonna be here for you. We’re still GOT7.”

“Thank you so much. I promise I’ll be back again. I love you guys, thank you,” Mark expressed during his final ment.

Mark Tuan The Other Side Asia Tour in Manila is brought to you by Pulp Live World, Happee Hour, DNA Management, and CDNZA Records.

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