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The Global Hallyu Mega Event, ‘MOKKOGI KOREA’ is coming soon!

by Philippine KPOP Convention

MOKKOJI KOREA is hosted by MCST(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) and organized by KOFICE(Korea Foundation for International Cultural Exchange).

Due to the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, MOKKOJI KOREA found a new way to meet the passion and love of the Hallyu fans all over the world. We have various contents for Hallyu fans including K-pop idol’s live streaming, games and K-lifestyle contents by the influencers and Youtubers.

MOKKOJI KOREA also has selected 3 Focus-Countries; Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Philippines to run some exclusive events for the fans to experience who are based in those countries.

MOKKOJI KOREA is an online content used by people all over the world to see Korean life culture in a single glance, including Korean style and taste, culture and play, as well as lifestyle. It is an online playground where you can enjoy and experience anywhere in the world by communicating with popular K-POP stars in real time.

MOKKOJI KOREA will be held online starting Oct, 20th to January 26th next year. The word, ‘MOKKOJI’ is a pure Korean word that refers to the gathering of many people to play, party, and feast.

K-Star Line-Ups

K-pop singers will continue to communicate with Korean Wave lovers abroad through realtime comments while enjoying Korean food experiences, beauty, health, play and delivery culture every week. Starting with Golden Child, 15 teams including AB6IX, Lovelyz, Seven O’Clock, Teen Top, D-Crunch, April, Dong Kiz, MCND, D1CE, 3YE, ONEUS, and Cignature will participate sequentially from the 20th.


In addition, it provides opportunities for Hallyu lovers to play a leading role as producers of Hallyu content. MOKKOJI KOREA will provide opportunity to everyone in the world to participate in campaigns to imitate celebrities’ movements, exchange opinions on Korean culture by subject and create a new Hallyu cultural information.

Meanwhile, as the event is not held overseas, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and the Philippines, which were the original venues, will be selected as a Focus Countries to present specialized contents.

From November to January next year, the first week of each month is the week of Focus Countries, where celebrities from both countries introduce the other’s culture, and K-POP artists will hold online Live Fan Meetings as well.

Major programs and schedules can be found on the website (mokkojikorea.com).


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