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[KPOP RELEASES] April 18 – 24, 2020

by Shaira Aquino

We’re back with the hottest and most anticipated KPop comebacks and releases this week!

Some on our list are MAMAMOO Solar‘s 1st Solo Album “SPIT IT OUT“, GOT7‘s comeback “Not By The Moon“, and APRIL‘s “LALALILALA“~ The past days are amazingly KPop jampacked!

April 18 – ZELO 1st EP Album “Day2Day”

Former B.A.P member, ZELO just dropped his first EP album “Day2Day”! The album consists of six (6) songs written by himself. ZELO expressed his long-term goals, experiences, and stories that he felt every day through this album! You may enjoy the album’s title song “She and Malibu” (그녀와는 말리부) music video below!

April 19 – 화사 (Hwasa) – Orbit

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa just participated as the second singer of the OST of SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “The King: Lord of Eternity,” the most anticipated film in the first half of 2020. Hwasa’s “Orbit” expresses the mysteriousness that crosses the dimension. It is a song that promises to protect the loved one. The song has a dreamy, yet, powerful guitar sound and hip-hop rhythm harmonizing with Hwasa’s powerful vocals that have garnered explosive responses. “Orbit” leaves a strong impression on viewers and fans which really matches the vast scale of the drama “The King” and the development of all-time fantasy romance.

April 20 – GOT7 New Album ‘DYE’

GOT7’s released their new mini-album “DYE” leaving a strong impression like unfolding a classic novel! It gives listeners an attractive expression of the reckless it is to long for something. Looking at the feelings of love from various angles like a lighthouse that illuminates the unstable sea. The title track “NOT BY THE MOON” exploded a unique synergy with GOT7 as JYP chief Park Jin-young participated in writing, composing and arranging the song!


Lee Han-kyul and Nam Do-hyun started a new leap with unrivaled charisma! H&D’s first mini-album “SOULMATE” includes a total of 10 songs to show a different side of Lee Han-kyul and Nam Do-hyun. “SOUL” the first title track, is an addictive song with its speedy and intense beat. Lee Han-gyeol’s delicate vocals and Nam Do-hyun’s rough and chic tone gives the song a restless sense of immersion and masculine energy with H&D’s parade on a sophisticated melody line.

A song that expresses sympathy with the reality, the second title track, “GOOD NIGHT” is a really comforting song to listen to. We recommend the song for those who are looking for comforts and healing.

April 22 –에이프릴(APRIL) 7th Mini Album ‘Da Capo

APRIL prepared their new album “Da Capo” with a determination to return to their original-self and start over! APRIL showed their various looks and charm in this album. The title track “LALALILALA” is a dreamy song that chants a spell to the love you want to achieve. The sensuous melody and repetitive hook that seems to chant a spell are impressive.


A new song entitled “Refresh” from the “2020 Global K-POP Project” came to our side showing the elegant charisma of the Republic of Korea. This song is one of the projects in which K-pop artists of various genres present new music according to their respective concepts like Zico and Kang Daniel. “Refresh” is a song that expresses the beauty of Korea through upbeat melodies and traditional rhythms.

April 23 MAMAMOO Solar’s First Solo album [SPIT IT OUT]

MAMAMOO’s Solar just released her first solo album [SPIT IT OUT]! The title track, which shares the same name with the album, is a song with trans sound on top of an energetic beat. Solar expressed her confidence in spitting out what she wanted to say and do without being bound by other people’s standards. Hooks with exotic Latin guitar riffs and unique synth sounds and autobiographical lyrics are making this song really attractive!

April 24 – 신우(SHINWOO) & 아현(A-HYEON) – shooting star

New rising R&B producer team ‘White Bones’ just released a new single entitled “shooting star” with the participation of SHINWOO, the talented main vocalist of the KPop boygroup BLANC7, and A-HYEON, the emotional vocalist of S.I.S. “shooting star” is a song about the feelings of two beloved men and women looking at the stars.


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