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HORI7ON’s Global Airing

by Philippine KPOP Convention

HORI7ON, Debut reality “100 Days Miracle” programmed for global airing … Will meet Anchors all over the world
“100 Days Miracle” HORI7ON, Recorded 1.6M Views with only 4 Episodes aired in Korea … Rave continues
HORI7ON, Active global rookies … Holds first concert in the Philippines this coming September

Group HORI7ON’s debut reality documentary has been programmed for global viewers.

Last July 2nd, HORI7ON (Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, Marcus)’s debut reality documentary “100 Days Miracle” will now be aired through MYX and IWantTFC. MYX is a entertainment channel of the Philippines with over 200 million viewers and IWantTFC is an OTT platform with more than 13 millions users.

The documentary “100 Days Miracle” that captured the 100 day long journey of HORI7ON preparing for their upcoming debut recorded 1.6 million views in just 4 episodes as it was aired by M2 in Korea. In the episodes released on Youtube, there are Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindu subtitles.

Starting with MYX and IWantTFC, “100 Days Miracle” also confirmed its programming with TFC’s cable channel and also on IPTV. The documentary will be aired for 10 weeks in the Philippines, North America, Middle East area, Singapore, Cambodia, Hongkong, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and etc, targeting the world word.

HORI7ON who was formed from an audition program “Dream Maker” a collaboration of Korea and the Philippines has been actively promoting their pre-debut in the Philippines and Korea. In the documentary, the passion if the members towards their “K-POP singer” dream and their carefree lifestyle has been garnering hot reception from the Anchors (official fandom name) all over the world.

HORI7ON successfully officially debuted in Korea with their title song “SIX7EEN” and album “Friend-SHIP” and are actively promoting at the moment. The same time with their release they topped the album charts on itunes Philippines, New Zealand, and Arab Emirates as number 1 but not only that, within 9 days of their debut, the group was nominated as 1st place last July 1 on “The Show Choice” making their presence as a world pop rookie known

In addition to that, they sold out their first fan meeting that was held in the Philippines during their pre-debut promotions and have announced their first concert “Friend-SHIP: Voyage to Manila” to be held in Manila, Philippines as well. HORI7ON who have grown with the K-training system alerted their most awaited meeting with their global fans, fearlessly heating up their global march even more.

Meanwhile, HORI7ON will continue with their active promotions as they heralded the global programming of their debut reality documentary “100 Days Miracle”.

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