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[WEEKLY FEATURE] DAY6 and their Multifaceted Musicality

by Fern Estrebello

Korean Pop music, or KPOP, as a term covers all sorts of genres and doesn’t only revolve to singing and dancing idols. Bands like DAY6 also represents KPOP with their musicality and versatility.

On September 7, 2015, JYP Entertainment established its first Korean rock band – DAY6. But before owning that name, the group was once called 5LIVE. They debuted as a six-piece band but after a year one member left. Currently a quintet band consisting Jae (lead guitarist), Sungjin (rhythm guitarist), Young K (bassist), Woonpil (keyboardist), and Dowoon (drummer).

Band Beyond Creativity

Even though the band was formed under the Big Three of Entertainment agencies, they also worked hard to gain their “My Days” (the group’s fandom name). They debuted with “Congratulations” and it second peaked on the Billboard’s World Album Chart just after a week of its release.

The song gained a lot of attention worldwide but what made the group famous was their unusual creation on their first and second studio album. The band proved that they are beyond creativity when they started the Every Day6 Project.

2017 was also the beginning for DAY6 to produce two-songs per month. Song writing, composing and producing their own craft were proofs of their artistry.

In Zach Sang Show, Young K shared although it was tough, they still like it. He also thinks the project was a part of their lives where they proved their capability as a group. It was that project that helped them grow and improved as a band. Time and pressure was with them but still the band was able to put Sunrise (songs they made from January to May) and Moonrise (songs they made from July to November) albums that are worth to be saved in playlists.

Some of the hits that were made during that time was “You Were Beautiful” and “I Wait.” Both song were well-loved by everyone that even the group made an English version of it.

Song Stories Series

DAY6 as a band never settled to be called a ‘rock band,’ which is a typical description. All this time they have been experimental with their songs from pop rock, to alternative rock, to pop punk and even power pop. Besides their versatility in different genres, the band also offered heavy lyrics that brings so much emotion to its listeners.

During their Youth Series, Day 6 gave their listeners “Shoot Me” and “days gone by” – as title tracks that were totally opposite in terms of genre. For Youth Part One, “Shoot Me” was a song that was accompanied by heavy percussion for chorus. It highlighted the sound-like of a gun and its bullet just like how it was in the lyrics.

Meanwhile, Youth Part Two had “days gone by” – more likely a retro type in sound. The relax and calm harmonization of synthesizer and their musical instruments gave a more dynamic and colorful tone out of it. It was much more soothing as it compliments the lyrics story that tells about reminiscing of the past times like the usual days that gone by. What was more appealing to this song was the music video that visualizes deep aesthetics as if it’s the 90’s.

The Book Of Us

As of now, the band enjoys their almost five-year journey in the Korean entertainment industry. In those years they were able to continue to produce their own sound of music. They gave songs and albums that are telling different stories like it is some sort of a drama series.

Currently they are promoting “The Book of Us.” As per DAY6, it is a series of variety of stories beyond interpersonal relations. Like how someone’s life is a cycle whereas anyone can be captivated, hurt, overcome struggles and on. It is an outlet of how they want to heal the lonely through their music.

“The Book of Us: Gravity,” the first installment was a six-track album. Billboard described it as an “album that spends ruminating on ideas of how one interacts with oneself and the world around them, and how each individual writes the story of their own life,” that alone speaks itself on why one of the track is entitled as “Time of Our Life.”

On the other hand, “The Book of Us: Entropy,” the second installment, gave its listeners a hardcore taste of different genre on it. Besides from the given rock vibe of DAY6, they offered retro sound, disco, reggae and even bossa nova. The album is describe like its lead single “Sweet Chaos.” The variety is indeed in chaos yet brings a sweet output.

Just this month the band dropped their third installment on the series which is “The Book Of Us: The Demon.” According to the band, the title track “Zombie” is about a person that cut ties with their emotion as zombie. It is also pointed out that it is a wishful song for someone that hopes a better day than today. Their comeback is exactly a need in today’s happenings.

However, right after the release of their album the whole group decided to have a temporary halt on their team’s activity and promotions to focus on their mental health. Last Wednesday, Jae shared a screenshot conversation he had with Park Jin Young.

The JYP founder congratulated the group for the success of “Zombie.” Then Jae replied expressing his gratitude and apology regarding on the group’s temporary hiatus. Park Jin Young responded that the group’s health and happiness is more important than doing shows. Thus, sending the group a message to take their time. Jae captioned the conversation, “Our Leader.”

Just like JYP, for sure My Days are there wishing for the group’s recovery. So while waiting for them, better stream “Zombie” and the rest of the album to show support for DAY6!

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