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Concept photo for HORI7ON’s first full album “Friend-SHIP”

by Philippine KPOP Convention

HORI7ON, Releases concept photo of first full album “Friend-SHIP” – “Flowing with freshness”
“Debut on the 24th” HORI7ON, pulls of vivid colors + hi-teen school look, all seven members with seven colored visuals
HORI7ON, Starts debut reality.. Trends as 1st place as soon as the release – “Another level of influence”

Group HORI7ON hit the hearts of the global fandom.

Last July 7, all of the concept photos of HORI7ON’s first full album “Friend-SHIP” was released through their official social media accounts.

HORI7ON was seen in the released photos with vivid color stylings and all members pulled it off like it was their own. All the seven members with enchanting eyes and visuals truly made an impact.

Most especially, they not only emphasized their youthful freshness with the hi-teen school look, they also showed off their own chemistry with the unit and group photos as well. This chemistry is creating bigger buzz towards the synergy they would be showing on stage soon.

HORI7ON was formed through a Philippines-Korea collaborative survival audition program, “Dream Maker” with members Vinci, Kim, Kyler, Reyster, Winston, Jeromy, and Marcus. They are in busy preparations to meet their fans through their first full album – an album that combined the dream, hope, and friendship of the seven members and their official fandom – the Anchors.

HORI7ON who has gotten the spotlight as they were the collaboration of K-pop and P-pop, has been active with their pre-debut promotions. In their first mall tour held, they gathered around 7000 fans – proving their influential power. They also sold out their fan meeting truly letting the birth of a world pop rookie be known.

As HORI7ON has been preparing for their Korean debut, the group also has been shooting a reality documentary “100 DAYS MIRACLE”. They recently announced its launch. As soon as the first episode of the reality was aired, it ranked 1st in the trending list of the Philippines with the group’s name ranking as well – proving their global popularity.

HORI7ON’s “Friend-SHIP” will be released through various online music platforms this coming July 24 at 6PM (KST)


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