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In a monumental move that underscores the Philippines’ increasing prominence in the international
entertainment industry, the esteemed ASIA ARTIST AWARDS (AAA) is set to dazzle audiences in the
heart of Bulacan.
This year, the Philippines proudly takes center stage as it hosts the prestigious AAA on December 14,
2023, at the iconic Philippine Arena, one of the world’s largest indoor venues.

Photo courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee and PULP Live World Productions

The ASIA ARTIST AWARDS, a distinguished South Korean award-giving institution, stands as a beacon
of excellence in the Asian entertainment sphere. Since its inception in 2016—a development
spearheaded by the South Korean business newspaper Money Today, along with global media giants
MTN and StarNews, the AAA has consistently celebrated the best the region has to offer in terms of film,
music, television, and digital content.
Over the years, the AAA has recognized the talents of K-pop legends BTS and EXO, as well as trot singer
Lim Young-woong, and actors Lee Jung-jae and Lee Seung-gi. Hallyu personalities Park Bo-gum and Im
Yoon-ah were among the first recipients of the prestigious Asia Star Award. Since then, the AAA has also
feted new blood, such as aespa and IVE. With its rich history of honoring established icons and
spotlighting emerging talents, the AAA offers a panoramic view of Asia’s dynamic showbiz scene.

Photo courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee and PULP Live World Productions

The sixth edition of the awards ceremony was a grand affair held on December 2, 2021, at the KBS Arena
in Seoul, with the charismatic duo of Leeteuk and Jang Won-young taking on hosting duties. Their
undeniable chemistry was on display once again when they returned for the seventh edition on December
13, 2022, at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan. As of this writing, it remains to be seen if they will
return for a third time or not.
Beyond the radiant spotlight and red-carpet moments, the AAA serves a deeper purpose. It acts as a
venue for fostering collaboration and cultural dialogue among artists from different Asian nations. By
facilitating these interactions, the AAA plays a vital role in shaping the future of entertainment in the
region. It also promotes cross-cultural understanding, and champions the global proliferation of Asian pop
In a significant development leading up to this year’s ceremony at the Philippine Arena, PULP Live World
President and CEO Mr. Vernon Go, along with PULP Live World’s Vice President and COO, Ms. Happee
Sy-Go, met with the AAA’s top brass at Shangri-La The Fort in Taguig City, Metro Manila. This landmark
deal was finally made official last August 14, 2023, in the presence of StarNews CEO Mr. Bahg Junechul,
TONZ Entertainment’s CEO Mr. Kuk Byoungjin, and its General Manager Ms. Kim Serin. The contract
signing set the stage for the 2023 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS.
The Philippines, with its rich tapestry of cultural traditions and fast-growing entertainment sector, is the
perfect backdrop for this year’s AAA. Of late, Filipino artists have consistently enchanted audiences
worldwide, making it an epicenter of talent that resonates globally.
The 2023 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS is more than an awards ceremony. It symbolizes the potential of art to
bridge gaps in society, transcend borders, and unite people under the banner of creativity. As December
14 approaches, the anticipation is palpable. The Philippines is gearing up to roll out the red carpet for
South Korea’s brightest stars, ensuring an unforgettable evening of celebration and camaraderie.
The 2023 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS marks the first time the Philippines will host such an event. It was
made possible through the efforts of StarNews, TONZ Entertainment, and the Philippines’ one and only
trailblazer in live Hallyu events, PULP Live World.
For the latest news on the event, including the star-studded lineup of artists, fan

For the latest news on the event, including the star-studded lineup of artists, fans are encouraged
to follow PULP Live World’s official social media channels and website.

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