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AOMG Party To Start 2023

by Philippine KPOP Convention

AOMG Squad started 2023 with a bang!

AOMG’s Simon Dominic, Yugyeom, GRAY, LOCO, Lee Hi, and Woo performed in the stage of New Frontier Theater last January 15. Brought to you by PULP Live World, it was indeed a night you will never forget. Here’s a short recap on what happened that night.


Kicking off AOMG in Manila, Woo showcased his amazing setlist for the night. He performed “R.I.P,” “Chik Chik Pok Pok,” “Chingiz Khan,” and his latest song “Me”. His energy really showed that he should be the one to start the concert.

Lee Hi

The next performer was Lee Hi. Unlike Woo’s setlist, Lee Hi started her performance with her songs “Only,” “Breathe,” and “Savior” which made everyone in awe with her amazing vocals.

But aside from her heartwarming songs, she also performed some of her upbeat songs like “Rose,” “H.S.K.T.,” and “1234”. The crowd also joined her as she perform the crowd favorites, “Red Lipstick” and “No One.”


LOCO did not disappoint the fans the moment he stood up on stage. With his amazing stage presence, he started performing “Party Band,” “Sweaty,” and “MBTI”.  The concert eventually became a party when he started asking fans to jump as he performs his next songs.

LOCO couldn’t help but be amazed with the PH fans’ energy and their love for him especially when they sang “Say Yes.” He was really surprised on how much the crowd love that song and knew every word.


Once you hear KHIPHOP, GRAY’s name will always be part of the list. Proving that he is indeed one of the best singer, rapper, and producer out there, he performed “Dream Chaser” from his album Call me Gray. His setlist won’t be complete if he won’t play the melodica while performing “Lose Control”.


It hasn’t been a year since Yugyeom came here in Manila for his solo concert. And now, he’s back again for this special night. He made sure that the fans will really enjoy his performances and began his stage with his songs “Want U Around” and “Take You Down.” But aside from that, he also showed the fans his amazing dancing skills.

Simon Dominic

The last performer for the night, it’s Simon D-O-M-I-N-I-C oh oh!

The crowd still had a lot of energy for Simon Dominic’s stage.  Loud screams and cheers can be heard as he perform “Ya Ain’t Gang,” “IMMA Do,” “Party Forever,” to name some. He also mentioned that he really felt good seeing his fans jam with him. He even called the fans “Maganda (beautiful)”


It was really an amazing 4 hour of non-stop music and fun. The energy from the start until the end didn’t waver. Both the fans and the artists enjoyed the night.  Definitely ain’t no party like AOMG party!


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