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Embarking on a joyful JOURNEY with WOODZ—Memories from OO-LI World Tour in Manila

by Philippine KPOP Convention

It’s been almost a week since WOODZ WORLD TOUR [OO-LI] took over Manila! With his Manila show being a success, FILO MOODZ can’t help but express their post-concert feels on a post started by WOODZ PILIPINAS via Twitter.

“My most favorite & memorable is when he made us stand when our tier was supposed to be seated” user @diffwdz shares on Twitter.

Another fan, @bunssoniwinkie says, “Team Balcony! Started from just 2 of us going together to NFT until we are already 7 in the group!”.

“TBH (to be honest), every moment is memorable and all of it are my favorite but MOODZ singing Drowning to WOODZ and HTBLY (How To Be Like You) stage is my highlight of yesterday’s night” -@keinmoodz.

We know how all FILO MOODZ misses WOODZ so let’s unpack more memories as we reminisce the best moments from OO-LI in Manila!

“I’m ready to journey again”

It was definitely a journey to remember as WOODZ rocked the night last Saturday, June 17 at the New Frontier Theater for his first solo concert <OO-LI> in Manila. The highly anticipated event was organized and presented by Pulp Live World and Happee Hour.

Prior to the beginning of the show, MOODZ already filled the whole place singing and dancing to WOODZ’s songs showing their undying love and support for the multi-talented idol. As the lights went off, the crowd goes on to show their loudest cheer as WOODZ first hit the stage with “Busted”.

The cheers grew even wilder as WOODZ performed “Hijack”, followed by his hit single “Love Me Harder” from his 1st mini album EQUAL. FILO MOODZ did not disappoint as they showered the singer-songwriter with more energy to which he continues to gush about throughout the whole night.

“If there’s no MOODZ, there’s no WOODZ”

The day before the concert, Pulp Live World also organized a press conference at the Quantum Skyview, Gateway Mall 2 which showcased WOODZ’ music videos on the mall’s indoor ceiling mesh LED screen.

In one of the questions during the conference, WOODZ shared his time back when he lived in the Philippines. “When I lived in the Philippines, my dream was (to become a) singer”, he recalls as he tells every one of his now fulfilled dream of becoming a successful artist. He also cited some Tagalog phrases that he used back then such as “Salamat po”, “Para dito”, “Kuya”, “Ate”, and “Cute ako”, which delighted all the fans in present in the audience.

WOODZ also opened up about his 5th mini album OO-LI and how meaningful this world tour has been to him. The singer-songwriter shared that the making process of the album along with touring around different countries allowed him to show his inner self to his fans. The word “OO-LI” which came from the Korean word 우리 (uri) meaning “us, together”, signifies to how WOODZ wanted to be closer and connected with his fans even more through his music.

During the final parts of the conference, he emphasized his appreciation for the fans and their endless efforts to support him all throughout his journey of becoming the artist that he is today, declaring that without MOODZ, there won’t be a WOODZ existing here too.

“I’ll find myself coming back to you, my one and only WOODZ”

WOODZ continued to grace the stage and performed more songs from his discography such as, “Waiting”, “Chaser”, “Who Knows”, “Dirt on My Leather”, “Trigger”, “Multiply”, “Kiss of Fire”, “Feel Like”, “On My Own”, and “Sour Candy”. With this jam-packed setlist, FILO MOODZ sure did have a blast singing and dancing along with WOODZ.

During one of his ment, WOODZ thanked the fans for their support and surprised them with a special performance of “Pool” and “Accident”. He wows the crowd even more when he sang a cover of “Hype Boy” by New Jeans and the one that caused a major kilig over the crowd, “Your Song” by Parokya ni Edgar.

The night continued to feel like a surreal dream as the WOODZ rocked the stage with the song “Bump Bump” which ended with WOODZ teasing the fans from the balcony section, “I was looking at the second floor, I saw you guys sitting down” and all MOODZ did not disappoint as they continue to bump and love with the idol.

“So we’re ready to journey again, with WOODZ”

WOODZ’ PH fanbase, WOODZ PILIPINAS surprised the idol with a special VCR presenting heartfelt messages from all MOODZ across the country. The “Abyss” singer thanked the fans for their continuous effort to see and support him all throughout his journey. He even urged FILO MOODZ to make a promise with him, chanting altogether: Kalusugan, Kasiyahan, Mahalin mo ang sarili mo (Stay healthy, Be Happy, and Love Yourself).

The singer-songwriter had more special moments with the fans as MOODZ sang along to “Drowning” and “Journey”, with blue handkerchiefs raised as part of their Biyahe ni WOODZ fanproject initiated by WOODZ Pilipinas and smileforwoodz.

WOODZ definitely exceeded everyone’s expectation by showing how passionate he is of his craft and his artistry can be seen evidently while he’s performing on stage. With WOODZ’ promise to be back in Manila, it is guaranteed that MOODZ will be there with him to embark on another soulful journey.

WOODZ WORLD TOUR [OO-LI] in MANILA is presented to you by PULP Live World, Happee Hour and EDAM Entertainment

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